Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Why do I cross-stitch? I can do other crafts that will produce faster results, but I always seem to come back to cross-stitch. Why? It's my's calming, relaxing, and I can get very involved with the chart and floss and "takes me away from every day life" for a while. I feel very accomplished when I finish a project and it is framed. I hope some day, my children and any future grandchildren will look at my stitching as part of a legacy. I don't stitch for just anyone...many people (including family) do not have any idea the amount of time involved in a cross-stitch project. I will stitch a project for friends or family that I know will appreciate the work involved.

I will show you a few (most I have shown before).....of what is hanging in my home.

100,000 Welcomes. This hangs in the stairway going down to the family room. There is a unique story about this particular chart. About 4 years ago, a stitcher posted on a messageboard that she had this kit, started it and no longer wanted it...did anyone want it? I posted that I would love to have it and finish it. (She had about 1/3 done) The reason I wanted it, is that it is the welcome that was hanging over the bridge in the town I grew up in! I really enjoyed this piece and it means alot to me.

A few years ago, my mom gave me the floss, chart and fabric for this Lavender and Lace angel. She gave it to me for Christmas. I did this cross-stitch the year after she gave it to me, and the following Christmas, one year after she gave it to ME, I gave it to her! She loved it and cried when she opened the present. I now have this in my family room.

Nova Scotia chart by Victoria Sampler. Self explanitory. This was a quick little stitch, but I really like it.

Have a great day everyone!



Leslie said...

Your cross stitched pieces are amazing, Marion! They are just breathtaking! I love how you find the perfect frame for each piece, too.

I can totally see the time it would take to complete some of your pieces. And I totally understand why you don't do it for everyone. I have gotten to the point where I only make items for those that I know will truly love and appreciate them. I made too many items that were tossed aside and it hurt because I put so much time and effort into them. They have NO clue all the hard work that the pieces took or how much love you put into them.

Have a great night :)

Kathy A. said...

Beautiful work Marion. I love the story of the Lavender and Lace Angel. I bet she is very special. Would you still have the Cied Mille Failte pattern or a designer to look for a copy for myself. As a fellow East Coaster it is very meaningful to me as well.

She Who Makes Waves said...

I so understand why you cross-stitch! Your pieces are treasures!

I plan to do a post and show some of my work here in the next couple of weeks!

Your inspiration is rubbing off on me!

Simply Heart And Home said...

For me, there is no such thing as a quick stitch. I am all thumbs! I enjoy admiring yours though!