Saturday, May 31, 2008


Please, if you are inclined to do so, say a prayer for our beloved 10 year old Border Collie. She is a valued member of our family and isn't doing so well at the moment. I know the power of prayer works, and I am praying she will overcome this hurdle in her life and be back to the vibrant, energetic playful dog she was.
Thank you...and if for some reason this isn't what is to happen,that we all have the strength to deal with whatever is in store.
Many thanks.
Marion and family

UPDATED!! Thank you for your concerns everyone! Nallie had surgery yesterday and is home resting comfortable. We are all very thankful!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Spring Fun!!

This is a purchase DH and I made last weekend. It was actually something we were going to buy as it got closer to the time school let's out, as we had plans for it in the backyard. It was on sale, so we bought it early, nothing would do but the kids had us set it up early, so we put it on the spot where our Intel Inset Pool goes for the summer, which is great, but means a move for it in a few weeks. We didn't put it in the backyard immediately, as we want to stay off the nice new green grass for as long as possible and let it thicken up some more.

What's everyone's weekend plans? It's a gorgeous day here today, and I was so hoping for a nice weekend and grilling food, etc...BUT, it's supposed to rain all weekend!

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


So, this current one I am working on is for my oldest daughter's boyfriend for Christmas. I have given one to my niece, mother-in-law, three children, and I have a "few" lurking around the house..they all get used and seem to be loved and enjoyed. I still have a few more I want to make as well. This ladies, is what I do each Tuesday with my cousins. It's become so much fun, and a lot of good conversation and food enjoyed by all.
Have a great day everyone! The sun is shining brightly, and I am going to take some time to work on my blanket....I need a couple of hours of "craft time" before that first school bus arrives home. LOL

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good morning and thank you!!

Isn't this pretty? It's blooming in our family room! My friend moved out of province last year and couldn't take it with her, she gave it to me, and I am thrilled it has survivied a year! I am not good with house plants! LOL

Thank you for the comments on my scrapbooking post! I've got some great ideas...and what I am going to do is to gather all the photos I want that I think will mean something to her, then gather the other things I want to add...I'll take a look at what all I have and plan my pages. I like the idea about school photos....that will be easy....I will take a photo of her three schools and add that...I also think I will add a "friends" page or two....movies that were popular, etc....I've also decided to do a scrapbook on her dancing separately and present them both to her. She stopped dancing a couple of months ago, but it has been a part of her life for 14 years.

Today I hope to get that last coat of paint on youngest DD's bedroom wall. I have three walls done (blue) but the pink wall needs a final coat. This weekend DH should be able to lay the laminate flooring and then we just need to add all the trim and it's done!! DS's room is next, but first he has to declutter and decide what he wants left in his room.

Yesterday I met with my cousin's for Blanket Club. Why is it that all food tastes SO much better when someone else makes it? We take turns bringing lunch and my cousin had quiche, a salad, rolls and blueberry cake with ice cream for dessert. I am currently working on a blanket for my oldest daughter's boyfriend for Christmas...I'll try and get a photo of that up later today.
Anyway, have a great day everyone!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Okay, I am giving myself lots of time for this project...but it is a VERY special one, and I want to do it the best way possible....
My oldest daughter is graduating high school next for some time now I have been thinking about what I want to do...I want to give her a scrapbook of all her school I would LOVE opinions from all you readers and fellow bloggers as to how I will do this...
It goes without saying that I will get all her school photos and the class photos which stop at grade 6......what I want to know is what SHOULD I add after that and what should I leave out? I want this to be classy and not overwhelming....opinions on:
1. should I add a few photos of her girlfriends and her?
2. should I add any schoolwork?
3. Should I include fieldtrips?
4. Please give me your thoughts on what should/should not be in this book.
Please help me make this a wonderful gift for my will be a surprise for her.
Thanks, and I look forward to lots of comments!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I love a bargain...I love to search thrift stores, yard sales, etc....the saying is true...."One person's junk is another person's treasure".
A couple of weeks ago I found this "brick" and stand at a yard sale. I had wanted one of these for a while and had just never gotten around to buying one, so was thrilled to find this "treasure". I have it on the ledge behind the wood stove in the family room.
A couple of years ago I was VERY fortunate to find this Longaberger basket at my favourite local thrift store. I have this displayed on the ledge as you go upstairs to our main floor from the family room.

This is my last "treasure" to show you today. I recently found these two photo frames....they are metal and quite heavy. I'm not sure what photos I will put in them, but I could not resist them!!

These photos aren't thrift store finds, but they are the "prim" things I bought a couple of weeks ago at a really nice store I happened upon. The tin heart is displayed next to my grandparents photo, in the stairway, the tin star is on the other side of the stairway, and the "family" sign is in the window in the family room...enjoy...have a great day everyone!!

Monday, May 19, 2008


The land of "Anne" yesterday DH, DS and youngest DD and I went to PEI for the day....this was a belated Mother's Day gift...something I wanted to I absolutely love this "Land of Anne". It's a good hike for a day......almost 3 hours each way.......but so worth it.

You can see the span of the bridge off in the distance in this photo.
We took the bridge...which is the longest bridge in the world, over water that becomes ice-covered in the winter, it's 12.9 kilometers across..and it is breath-taking to see and go across.....
We are on the bridge in the photo below...

Once on the Island, we stopped at Gateway Village, however most of the shops had not opened yet for the summer....DD managed to obtain 2 buy one, get one free! LOL

DS got his stash of Raspberry Cordial...he really likes this stuff. After that we headed to the PEI Preserve place and bought some tea and jams....back to Gateway Village for a Cows Ice cream and headed home...all in all, a great day!!

I could not resist the photo below.....this is what I saw when I looked in the back seat! Both were wearing seatbelts, not to worry...LOL...they were just exhausted! DD's head is below DS's arm!!Have a great Monday everyone!!

Friday, May 16, 2008


My oldest daughter has a friend that she has been close to since about grade one. For many years, this friend would spend alot of time at my home and my daughter at her friend's home......I became known as "other mother"...not even sure how it came about....I guess the time spent here...etc...and over the years this girl has surprised me with an occasional gift, purchased with her own money. I have a collection of cow things in my kitchen and she has given me a cow mug, a cow soap dispenser...and one gift in particular that touched my heart was a calligraphy set she purchased when she was 11, from scholastic book club...and she gave it to me for Christmas that year....anyway, this girl isn't here so much anymore.....she's struggled this past year in school, and family life has gotten in the way of a few things for her.....last night my oldest daughter came home from teaching swimming, she had stopped in at her friend's house for a short visit and she brought me a present.....this girl had gone out and gotten me a cow photo frame and a candle/holder with "Mother" on it. I was very , very touched by this and to think that she had thought of me!! It's the little things that really touch your heart.....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It's been a LONG week so far......I can't seem to get the time to go downstairs to the main computer and upload my photos, among other things I need to get done.

Twice this week so far I have been to the Dr with a child. Tomorrow morning I will be at in line at 7am for x-rays for my son and my youngest...nothing serious....just things that need to be taken care of. Today oldest was at Dr because she has tonsilitis (sp) she's home from school and sleeping at the moment. All of this running around has really changed what I had planned to do this week...but it can't be helped.

Youngest DD has gone on a field trip today...this was a trip that has been post-phoned twice so far because of unexpected snow today is absolutely gorgeous for the trip...she won't be back until supper time. They have gone to a turn of the century working farm! The kids will have a ball! Daughter has signed up for doing school work and farm chores from that era. I wish I could have gone on this trip, but there were so many volunteers that they randomly picked a few parents. I'm fortunate...I've done most of the field trips that the kids have been on....I'm thankful for that...they've been alot of fun!

DS goes on a two night/three day trip next week. They go to a camp not far from here and learn all about nature and how certain foods come to be....etc...they will be hiking, working in the kitchen, doing chores, etc....they are really looking forward to it. It's a very beneficial trip.

Well, I am still in hopes of uploading some photos today, but for now I must go tackle the laundry...cannot miss a day that I hang my laundry outside! Love it!!

Have a great day everyone!! I have been by to read my favourite blogs and usually try to leave a comment.


Monday, May 12, 2008


So, hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! I did....even though my origional plan of going to PEI for the day got squished. (Next weekend we hope to go either Saturday or Sunday)....just before noon, DD#2, DS, and DH and I headed out for a drive...we went around a bit of the coast, just outside the city...beautiful drive....gorgeous homes.....great scenery....however, it was SO windy and rainy that I really couldn't take photos...except when we drove up to one of the lighthouses...dispite the horrible weather, I did snap a couple of photos, which I will share with you.

After the drive we went out to a late lunch/early supper and then DH stopped at Dairy Queen for treats to take home. Oldest DD surprised us by coming home early from work...she got someone to cover the last couple of hours of her swim classes and came home to spend time with us!! That was a nice surprise!!

Today I am overloaded with laundry!!! Since I was on the road with DH a few days last week and the weather wasn't nice to hang any laundry oh man, I'll be here until Christmas working on it! LOL....that's my project for get it under control.

I also want to get caught up on some other household chores that got by the wayside in the past few just never ends! LOL

Take care everyone...happy Monday......and I'll take those prim photos today as later or tomorrow.

Here is what I woke to!!! Snow!! It was melted by late in the morning, but still!!

This was when we parked up by the lighthouse...I opened the car door to take this photo. The
wind and rain was incredible. That line that you see in the photo is part of a light system for the lighthouse.

This is just another shot taken at the same place...if you look closely on the right of that power box, you will faintly see hoomes built right on the rocks, on the side of the coastline! These are gorgeous homes, but on a day like thanks!!

Here is a photo of the lighthouse as we were drivig away. I could not get a better photo with the wind and the rain. Still pretty cool though.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mother's Day everyone! I got up early (it's not 6:30 am yet) as I heard my oldest DD up and getting ready for work.....much to my surprise when I looked out the window...IT HAD SNOWED!!!!! I took a photo in my tired state of mind and shock...LOL, but that will have to wait to post, as I have to go downstairs to upload pictures and I am not awake enough to do that at the moment. (smile)

Our plans for today were to go to Prince Edward Island for the day, but when I saw the forcast a couple of days ago, I had an idea that it might not be a good day to go, so we will wait for that until next weekend. We will do something today, just not sure what.

I hope everyone enjoys your day and I will post that "wonderful" photo later!!

Have a good one !

Friday, May 9, 2008


I had origionally hoped for a post yesterday and the one I was going to post today will have to wait. I have been feeling really "blah" the past couple of days. I am thinking that alot of why I feel this way is because of what this weekend is. Mother's Day. This is the second Mother's Day without my mom. I miss her greatly..and my dad as well, who would have been 93 this coming Monday. My mom and dad married later in life and had me even later in their life. I grew up in a very loving home and knew how much I was loved.

My mom had quite a personality. Even when alzheimers was taking over her, her personality was really quite remarkable. She had a fantastic sense of humor, and one of the greatest joys of her life was her grandchildren. My children have wonderful memories of both my parents and for that, I am very thankful.

My dad was a quiet, strong know him was to like him. He was a gentle soul. When he passed away rather suddenly, my mom's world fell apart, she died 19 months later.

Love you both mom and dad....miss you very much...but you will always be with me in my heart.

Have a good evening everyone.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well,another day has gotten away from me without a decent posting. I spent the day with DH again, joining him in his travels and it looks like I will be doing so again tomorrow, so it will be tomorrow night or Friday morning before I can post my photos and do a decent blog entry.

Today was a gorgeous sunny day and we were on the road at 9am....we had lunch out again (nice treat) and were back by late afternoon, but then it was running around with the kids.

Tomorrow is yet another part of the province and probably another lunch out...poor me...LOL....believe me, I am enjoying that part!!

Gina, if you are reading this....I read your post (meme) about PEI...LOL.....I am a true traveller and I enjoy my ferry know where this originated from...DH on the other hand wouldn't even travel to PEI until 3 years ago when I practically dragged him there.....we've been there several times since, but he will only take the bridge...I'm beginning to wonder if he has a problem with the Ferry! Anyway, we are going there for the day on Mother's Day and I am so excited...!!! What better way to spend Mother's Day!! I'm actually hoping to locate these two prints for our bedroom...I have a few of Catherine Karnes Munn prints and if I can locate these two while we are in PEI I will treat myself to them.

Have a good evening everyone! I am off to watch Idol and see Jason voted off......


Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Where is this week going?? Today was a really busy, but nice day. DH had some business not too far from here, it involved a wonderful drive through some pretty country, so I opted to go with him. We had a nice day....we had a nice lunch and got back late this afternoon. I bought some "prim" things for the family room, which I was hoping to take photos of, but there was just too much running around this evening for that...hopefully at some point tomorrow. Tomorrow may be another day with DH on his travels and I am looking forward to that.
Have a great evening to watch Idol.....


Monday, May 5, 2008


Good morning everyone!! I hope each of you had a great weekend?! I did. The weather was fabulous. I actually stayed pretty close to lots of laundry done and hung out ( a passion of mine...hanging the laundry out....not actually doing it..LOL)...I worked on my tiny garden and spent some time in our tent trailer with youngest. We set the tent trailer up a couple of weeks ago, and it's great when the spring black flies and other annoying creatures are around....we can go in there and sit...nice breeze, no for me. :)

Today is supposed to be rainy, but I see little breaks of sun peeking through!!

This afternoon I am going to my "Blanket Club"...usually we meet on Tuesdays, but decided to meet this afternoon, as tonight we are going to a turkey supper and fashion show at a church. I am going with my two cousins....actually it is my cousins' ex-husband's church and his present wife invited us...LOL...yes, they get along wonderfully.

I just can't seem to get motivated this morning to get done what I have to. I even have supper planned for Larry and the kids, since I won't be here.

Hope everyone has a great day!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Since I joined the Blogging community a couple of months ago, it has opened up a whole new world for me. I have "met" such wonderful ladies and I look forward to coming on here each day and "trying" to post most days...but definately visiting my fav blogs (and more) each day.
Thank you for all your firendships!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008


Would you believe it was snowing when I got up this morning?? It didn't stick on the ground, really, but still!!
I'm sharing a few photos that DD took while on her band trip.....



Thursday, May 1, 2008


at a time.....May 1, what better day to start to change small step at a time! I am going to start a gratitude journal. I've tried before, haven't had success in keeping it up...what makes me think I should try this again? Well, I just know that I "NEED" to change some things in my life and this would be a great way to start. It's not like I don't have the time to do this...I just need to program myself TO do it.

I want to start the day without feeling like I am "bogged" under before I even get the day started.

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions as to how they start their days and keep a positive outlook going all day...feel free to comment.

Have a great day everyone.