Friday, January 30, 2009


So sorry I have not been posting...I have been trying to visit blogs, but life just got in the way this week. It's been a LONG week. My oldest daughter had her exams this week, and as of Wednesday, has finished High School! She will work fulltime until September when she goes to university. She will go back for her prom in June. She will also graduate with French Immersion. We are very proud of her and even more proud that she was able to graduate early...she was told she probably could not do this with the French program in her school.

Anyway...yesterday was a storm day from school, so I had my 3 children, my oldest's boyfriend, and my DH here all day....the house was full!! The "storm" was alot of slush on the roads in the morning...the temps warmed up and it was pretty much okay later (around noon). My oldest had to work at 4, so she took her car....she called me a few minutes later from her boyfriend's road to tell me it was leaking oil...drastically....DH went and it wasn't oil, but transmission fluid! Her car is being towed today...I am hoping it's easily fixable....I don't want to get into this car for alot of money. We try to keep her in a car for the time being, as she needs to get to work and we live 10 miles out in the country.....anyway, we'll see. There is a bus service, but it doesn't run on Saturday mornings or Sundays.....go figure.

I finished up one of my swedish weaving blankets this I need to get it ready to go to it's new home....:) I also started another one, which I will show next Wednesday (totally missed it this week).

Anyway, my friends, I must go and get my chores done......kind of a blah feeling day for me...not sure why!!
Take care

Monday, January 26, 2009


Pendelfins! You are probably saying "what?" Pendelfin collection...yes, I know, they are just "material things"...but they really make me smile when I look at them! :) I started this collection quite by accident back in 1974. My friend and I went for a weekend trip to visit her sister at university. We went shopping in the small downtown area...and I picked up this little dog ornament named "Tammy" to bring home to my mom. I paid $6.00 for it. About a year later I bought her a bunny ornament for Mother's Day, or some such occasion...and it was made by the same company..."Pendelfin". Soon these bunnies (and two dogs) were in most jewellery stores....I ended up getting one from my cousin for a gift, my mom gave me the ones I gave her..and the rest is history. Over the years....mostly in the 1980's...I got them from my mom, my aunt, my room-mate at the time, and then I met Larry in 1986. For Christmas that year he bought me one of the plates, this stand,

and a couple of bunnies. By now, they were not so readily available in the stores, and their cost was significantly higher than when I started collecting them. I have kept a list of where and when I got each bunny. Anyway, also in 1986, sadly there was a fire at the plant in England and they lost alot of the molds....the factory was rebuilt, but the bunnies had a different look, and ofcourse all the older ones were retired. In 2005, so I've heard, the bunnies has ceased production.

The cabinet they are in is actually now too small for them, however, they will stay where they are.....Larry bought the cabinet for me for this reason, a few months after we were married.
We didn't really have the money at the time, but he saw it on sale and bought it.

I honestly don't know why, but they just make me many years, so many people helping me in the collection.....I even have cross-stitch pieces of them!! Of all the collection, this is my favourite bunny...Larry gave it to me many years ago.

Thanks for looking at my post today.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

A BUSY MORNING AND A PICTURE!'s only 10:30am and it's been a LONG morning. I awoke with a call from my daughter at 7am....she slid her car on black ice and was in the ditch!! She's okay thankfully, car is driveable, but will need work.....she was to open the store she works at this morning and the roads got a bit slippery as she got closer to work, however, the reason we (DH) and I think she slid is that she forgot the keys to open the store and was on her way back here to get them, thus going faster than she should have! We have told her many times before that she has to allow herself extra time in the mornings and also needs to make sure BEFORE she leaves home that she has her keys, etc......she is a wonderful daughter, but has a real problem judging if I seem harsh, sorry, it was just a hectic morning...we are all glad she's okay and she is now at work. I'm in a position right now where I feel very sorry for what happened to her this morning, I know it was a very rough morning for her too, but also I really wish that she would take the time to be responsible enough to make sure she has all keys, uniform, etc....when she leaves the house. Every morning (and I do mean EVERY) I am after her to allow herself the time to get ready for school and BE ready before the bus is pulling up at the driveway!! Boy, I guess I do should harsh....I'm not really, just sometimes it's so hard being a parent when something like this happens and you want to make it all better for your children, yet you know that sometimes, they need to learn from their mistakes. I am 100% sure this would not have happened had she not been in too much of a rush to come back here.

I'd like to show you some photos of a drawing my son did for art class. He had to draw a picture of everything going to one focal point. This is freehand without following a picture!! His teacher asked him to show it to us and I said I wanted a copy!! His teacher now uses the drawing as an example for the grade 10 classes he teaches...and my son is only in grade 9!! Needless to say, he got 100 on this project! LOL....the bad thing, art ends for him this semester, which is in a few days and he won't have it again until next year. I am going to keep trying the TS's to see if I can find a frame for is an unusual size...any other ideas on how to frame it anyone?

What I really like about this....on the sides of the trains me put some "ads"....."Reeses" and "West 49" and "Subway".....some of his favourite things/stores...LOL

I'm not sure what the rest of the day will bring......hopefully no excitment!!!

Take care everyone and have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I know I have been missing in action alot lately.....on top of my cold that I had, my mouth has been bothering me. I have problems with one area whenever I get a cold, as my sinuses have dropped and that puts pressure on the nerves of a couple of hurts! Not to mention the fact that I am long overdue for some dental work. of my New Year's resolutions (for lack of another word, as I don't really "do" resolutions) to have done what has to be done to my teeth. I have a fear of dentists, so it's been almost 4 years since I went.....I have had a couple of really bad experiences over the years and have let my fears get the worst of me.....not anymore!! I booked the appt with a dentist that seems to have a wonderful practice....I decided to go this route and not go to the dentist my kids go to (they do not have a fear...go every 6 months and have all their lives)....I want a fresh start. My kids do not even know I have this fear....I have kept it from them. So, wish me Thursday morning at 9am I will be at the more week! I will not let myself down (can't with the way my mouth has been feeling at times...LOL) and I will feel good about it all!!! It's all a good thing, right??

Have a great day everyone!!


Monday, January 19, 2009


I'm back...after a few days of Blogger absence......feeling mostly better, and "thinking". First of all, it's 7:55 am, and I'm sitting here at my computer in a house of silence. My son was up almost an hour ago, and I told him to go back to bed, school has been cancelled....I've heard one of my daughters stir around a bit, but still was up and out...back to bed....DH was awake, but realized early that his 8:30am appt would be cancelled, so he's still sleeping.....I love this time of day....

Last night my oldest asked me out of the blue what would happen to all the family recipes if something happened to me! I told her I had no plans of going anywhere, etc...LOL, but that got me thinking.....I have my mom's and my grandmother's and my aunts recipes in a recipe holder, but some are really faded...etc....and then I thought....I could work on a family cookbook for her (and my other two when they are older)...and also try and write a memory with each (or most) or the recipes...some would be their memories, some would be mine from my grandmother, etc....I had planned to start that today, but obviously with no school..that will be delayed for another day. I am thinking in June for her graduation.....or for Christmas this year....for my oldest......we'll see.

Anyway, must get my day underway...I'm late!!

Have a great one!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Joining up with Leslie today.

Not too much going on around here today. I am not feeling 100%. I have been fighting off a cold and am battling a headache, so today I will be staying nice and cozy inside. Homemade pizza and marble cake for supper....just waiting to ice the cake when it cools.

Laundry to do...I will NEVER get caught up!!!

My partner in crime for the day....LOL

This was the moon, taken in our backyard on Monday night...pretty

And we picked up the game Parchessi on the weekend at Wal-mart. DH and our youngest and I have played it a few times...but Sara and I got it out last night and the two of us played it while we enjoyed hot chocolate.

I have to show this.....the one thing Sara wanted for Christmas was Elmo Alive. Yes, technically she is way too old for Elmo, but she loves him. I thought about whether or not to get this for her and decided I would....she's only a young girl once and if I didn't get it for her, I would later regret she has been enjoying him since Christmas. This things NEVER stops talking!! It's like having a conversation with a person......LOL

Anyway, in a bit I am going to grab a tylenol, my stitching (bunnies today) and try and get ride of this headache before the kids get home.

Have a great day everyone!!


Sunday, January 11, 2009


We are supposed to get another storm today.(this photo is from a few days ago)..and I really wouldn't mind, but my oldest daughter has to work today, and her work is about 10-12 miles from here. I am hoping it isn't too bad and DH will take her and pick her up.

I am planning on working on my curtains for my hallway. I picked up fabric to line them with yesterday, so providing nothing stands in my way, I'll be down in my craft room working away at some point today.

I've appreciated the comments on my post a couple of days ago about organizing photos and things for my children....I did see a lady on Oprah that had one of those boxes and put everything in it...and I think that might be the way to go. I know a couple of you mentioned something like this. I will check out Michaels.
Have a great day everyone!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


January 10, 1920 - September 22, 2006

If my mom was still with us, today would have been her 89th Birthday.....

Not a day goes by that we don't think of you. It's hard to believe that it has been 2 1/2 years since I kissed you good bye. We will honour your memory today with a we always did when you were with us.
My mom was a wonderful mom and grandmother. My oldest daughter is alot like her...more like her than me. I smile when I see the similarities between them. It definately skipped my generation..LOL

My mom met my dad at a party when she was in her late 20's. She had dated someone for many years before that...not sure what happened there....but my mom and dad got married when she was 35 and he 40. I was born when mom was 38.

My mom was the youngest of 8 children. She was spoiled...she admitted that..LOL

She never spoke a harsh word about any of her brothers, sisters or parents...she loved and admired them all.

One of my mom's greatest roles was that of a grandmother...something she did not take lightly.
My 3 children cherish the times they spent with her and will never forget her. They were fortunate to spend many, many nights sleeping at nannie and grampie's house.

MOM...we love you, we miss you, but we know you are at peace and once again united with the love of your "Love you both, always and forever." You're always with me in my heart.

I will get a phone call at some point today...long distance...from my mom's childhood friend, who is 87. She always called mom on her birthday, and since mom passed away, she has been calling me periodically..but always on mom's her dearly as well.
EDITED TO ADD: Received the above phone call at 9:15am this morning. Sometimes it's the little things like this that really make you appreciate what you have.

Sorry for the bad photos..I have tons and tons but don't have a scanner anymore!!

Mom and dad on their wedding day.

My mom...a photo taken for her work around 1955.
And, mom and dad on MY wedding day...1987.

Last photo of my mom and dad together...her Birthday, January 10, 2005.


Friday, January 9, 2009


It's Friday!!
I don't have a lot planned for today. I have some beans in my slow cooker for supper tonight....the sun is shining brightly....after doing breakfast dishes, a load of laundry...general pick up...not sure what I will do. Youngest is not coming home on the bus today, she is heading out skating with a friend from school..and they will most likely drive her home when skating is done at the arena.

I'm trying to sort out in my mind what to do with all the photos, school keepsakes, etc that I have for each of the kids. I want to organize them better....I'd like to give my oldest a box when she graduates officially in June, but not sure how I want to do it. I thought about scrapbooking, but I don't think that's the answer. She has alot of photos from field trips, etc and I want to give them all to her organized. I did buy one of those photo boxes, so I might just organize the photos in that box and then try and go through the other things and scrapbook the best of them...I don't know...I hate that I am not organized on with those things. I just get overwhelmed when I start to get it organized...any ideas?

I do hope everyone has a great day......


Thursday, January 8, 2009


A slightly random post today.

We had an ice storm last freezing rain for several hours...however it has warmed up considerably overnight, so the roads really aren't a problem. Good thing...I have to pick up youngest at school today as she starts back to piano. Her piano teacher was sick before Christmas, so it has been at least a month. I do have to say...I'm liking this teacher (new to us in Sept). She teaches in her an older mom like me with two young daughters she home schools....and she started Sara on Christmas Caroles back in the first part of November. Sara has played almost every day since! I am going to ask the teacher if she can throw a Christmas Carole into the mix occasionally even though it is off season. Even the teacher noticed how Sara took to those! She's doing fantastically!

There is a possibility that our school bus drivers may go on strike the end of this month! I sure hope this doesn't happen! It really wouldn't be a problem for youngest...her school is in the community and we can drive her and pick her up without too much oldest will have early graduation by then (yes, through high school early) and my son will need a drive to school...that's where the problem is....the high school is much further....I fear I'd be on the road all day!! (With the driving and pickup of the two of them)....hoping we can work something out with commuting to the high school....actually I hope this doesn't happen at all!!

I am going to stop doing housework early today...I have a couple of hours before I pick up Sara, so I think I will have some lunch and stitch for a while. I am in need of ME time today....just feeling a bit stressed.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009


and another storm!!!

I stayed at home today and am working on a few things. First of all, thanks to Leslie ....I read your blog early this morning...and I had planned on making homespun curtains for my hall, but decided to line mine so they will not fade...and to make them thank you for telling me about your curtains!!! I won't start mine until I get some white fabric for the back...the sheet is a great idea as well!!

Okay, I started this scarf on Monday with some yarn I've had for a couple of years...I found the pattern for this scarf and this type of yarn on the web...I like how it turned out and have two more balls of this yarn, so will make another. I plan on giving one scarf to my SIL for her Birthday on Christmas Eve...yes, I did say Christmas Eve....I have been in the mood to do some shopping and planning for this coming Christmas...and I figure while in the it! We have 3 family Birthday's around Christmas as well, so the more I get planned and done early, the less stress several months from now. Speaking of yarn and patterns, Katy, I know you are still knitting and I found yet another pattern for you, I am terrible about getting them mailed out!! I will...I have not forgotten.....and you shall have them soon...I promise!!!

Not sure why there is that weird colour at the end of the scarf!

Other things I am working on.....I started this Santa on New Year's Eve...I really like working on him and when done, he will hang in our dining room/TV room year round. The girls picked out this pattern for me to stitch.

This is the cross-stitch my youngest gave me for Christmas...when these bunnies are done, I will frame it and give it to her. Wasn't she thoughtful to find this kit at her school shopping spree before Christmas? (It gives the kids a safe way to shop without parents for the Holidays, should they decide they want to participate).

And now on to the weather, which is a big topic around these parts...seems like we go one day...maybe two if lucky without a storm.....tonight we are supposed to get ice pellets...oh yeah...LOL...right now it is snowing.....they are saying up to six hours of freezing rain and ice pellets!!

Anyway, I plan on staying safe and warm inside tonight with some hot chocolate...take care....

Enjoy what is left of your Wednesday.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

DAY 2 of Schedules....

Well, the kids made out just fine yesterday, being back in the swing of things. I guess we are all back into the routine now.

I am just about to get ready to head on over to my cousin's today for Blanket Club. Our other cousin has gone to Florida for the winter, so it's just the two of us for a couple of months. That's okay..although I am wishing I was in Florida with my other cousin! LOL

I have to say, miracles do happen!! We got our son a clock radio/alarm clock for Christmas....I wanted to get it for him in the hopes that it would help him wake up in the morning...he was unbelievable to wake up! Once up he took no time to shower and get ready, but it was impossible to get him up! He set up the alarm just after Christmas, and has been getting up with it each day!!!! Today he was up and in the shower before the other two! He said he really likes the clock radio and waking up to the music! Yippee! This is a big thing for him and for our household.

Well bloggers...must hit the road........take care...have a wonderfully productive day in your area of the world!


Monday, January 5, 2009


Don't get me wrong, I love having the kids around, but face it, we all need schedules and routines of some sort. It's been over two weeks, and I am anxious to get my house in order. Fifteen minutes to countdown for first bus pickup. Twenty five minutes for the high school bus.
Let me tell you, the kids are not excited about going back to school...heehee.

I have Christmas decorations to finish taking down and pack away (usually I have this done on the first!)....I have cleaning and a good general pick up to do. I want to sew curtains for our front hallway, and tomorrow I hope to take down the trim (we are going to replace it) and get it ready for painting. I will be SO glad when all the painting is done, but that will take time..and patience...

I started a new project (cross-stitch) on New Year's eve. I'll show photos on Wednesday. I also managed to do some Christmas shopping since Christmas...for this coming year. Things I know the kids would like...I got housecoats and matching slippers for each of my girls, I got a Disney store mug (older collects them)..for my oldest, I got some makeup kits 1/2 price at Wal-mart for the girls....I got a housecoat and matching slippers for my I did well!!

Anyway, I have a busy day ahead, so I think I shall end for now and get to work!! Have a wonderful and productive day fellow bloggers...


Thursday, January 1, 2009


That should say Blizzard!!! WE are in the midst of a BLIZZARD at the moment!!! Great way to start a New Year!!!!

Well, it's been over a week since I actually did a decent post...and I have to say, we had one of the best Holidays in years. Christmas Eve we had an open house....drop in, say hello, have a drink, leave...LOL....we had some neighbours drop in, and it was great. Later in the day, the girls and I headed on over to Larry's brother's house for their drop in.....stayed for a bit and came home to play board games around the fire...great way to spend Christmas Eve. Larry and Gregory stayed here, in case we had more drop-ins. Christmas morning I was the first one up, as usual, (I love getting up early!!) I made blueberry muffins for breakfast, and by that time, everyone else was up, so we headed on down to the family room to open presents. I got a cross-stitch from my youngest....and I'm thrilled...she is such a good little shopper! How she gets to do it, is at her school they have a shopping day.....parents donate new things (Dollar Store, or new things that aren't going to be used in that particular household.) They are all organized on tables in the gym....example, for mom, for sister, for brother....and the kids get to buy for their, cheap, easy way to shop! Each item is $1.00, and if your child takes 5 things in, she gets 5 tickets to shop....(parents have to send the money in as well)...but it's so great for the kids! I have already started the cross-stitch and it will belong to my daughter at some point.

My son gave me a Christmas plate....he wanted me to open it on Christmas Eve, so I did and I have used it almost every day since for various things. My oldest daughter gave me a gift certificate for a manicure! Yippee!!

My husband surprised me with a membership to Costco!! We had talked about it, but I wasn't expecting it for Christmas. He had the card in this really fancy box and put it under the tree. At one point he asked me if I had shaken that box...I said No, why? He said it might break! Crazy hubby!! He also got me a beautiful heart shaped ring, which I tried to take a photo of!!

Christmas Day I was going to cook chicken, potatoes, carrots, etc...and Larry's mom called and invited us over for supper! A first, as in 22 years we have never had Christmas Dinner with his mom....we went, as did all the family and it was wonderful!! I am thankful for a very Blessed Christmas!!
On Sunday, I had all of Larry's family, a couple of extras and ourselves for a buffet style went over very well.

My colourful girls...before the party..LOL

Last night we stayed home....had chinese food and set off fireworks in the middle of a snow storm at midnight!!! LOL......

Oh and yesterday morning, I had coffee with a childhood friend.....she gave me this folk art photo she drew...and a really nice card...the back of the picture frame says...."There were three cottages by the sea,Where three girls laughed and played carefree."

It will hold a special place in my heart, as does she.
And look at this!!! I won a drawing on
this arrived yesterday!!! I am thrilled! And look at this pinkeep!!!!

Well everyone, I am staying inside safe and warm...we are all home except for our oldest...she had to work last night for a while and then was going out with her boyfriend...they were going to go back to his parents house, as it is closer to her work...much closer. She is supposed to work later today, but I sure hope the store doesn't open!!!!