Sunday, October 12, 2008


Good morning everyone!
It is another gorgeous, sunny day here in Nova Scotia. Yesterday was the same. After doing errands in the morning, DS, DH and I worked on our garage and organizing the inside....more to do on that today.
I started a new little cross-stitch project last night. Little House Needleworks...School girl Lessons. It's a quick stitch and I see it framed with a dark red mat and an antique looking frame.....

I'm also going to show you my backyard as off about 5 minutes ago..LOL

And Nancy, if you are reading this....I did mail your Little House Chart you won from my sat in my car for a week!! I apologize for that!!!! You will get it one of these's on it's way to you now.

Something else I wanted to show you and tell you about today:...on Saturday mornings, if we are up, dressed and ready to go out the door early, my youngest and I go to "Frenchies". It is a store that imports it's merchandise from the US. It isn't all new, alot is second hand actually, but alot is brand name, just never know what you will find. Saturday morning is a very good time to go. They also bring new things out on the hour. Yesterday I got a few things, but I wanted to show you a couple. I got a Vera Bradley purse, which is in all aspects "new". I checked online and this pattern has been discontinued for a couple of years, so this may have been on display somewhere, but it is definately not used. I have found a few Vera Bradley purses there like this over the years. This one was $1.75!! I really like it.

The next thing I am going to show you is in reality not cute...LOL. BUT I did know what they were! These are salt and pepper shakers. They are "Friar Tuck" mint condition, made in the late 50's by Goebel in West Germany, who also makes Hummels. I knew what they were because of my mom. I could not just leave them there! I asked how much they were (no price on them for some reason) the lady said .25cents!!!!! These are by every count antiques! I scooped them up and will put them in my curio cabinet with my mom's Hummels!! The more I look at them, the more I am growing attached to them...LOL After seeing some of the things that are in this store, I think they also get "estates". This guy has several of these stores in Atlantic Canada, so the merchandise is spread throughout. To all you stitchers, yes, I have found some stash on occasion in here. I found a baby afghan kit still in the package (and it's still in that package! LOL) several cross-stitch charts.....I love going there...but not when it's crowded!!

Have a great day everyone!!


Miss 376 said...

I can just imagine the fun you have there. The stitching will look fantastic with an antique frame

Anonymous said...

Marion, the trees are GORGEOUS! How I miss the country and in 3 more years I'll be living there again. I'm not cut out to be a suburbanite. lol

No problem on the chart. I've been sick the past 3 weeks and not on the upswing yet I'm afraid. I totally forgot about it. I had one bug and when I started feeling better for a couple of days another hit me blind sided.

The stitching piece is darling! Another stitching friend just finished this and also did it in a blue.

Great buys on the purse and Friar Tucks! They are adorable.


Simply Heart And Home said...


Your land is beautiful! And I love that purse. What a deal!!! Those little Friar Tucks are adorable. No one could pass them up!

Have a lovely Sunday.


Leslie said...

It sounds like you had a fun weekend :) What a great deal on your Vera Bradley! WOW! The little salt and pepper shakers are cute. I have seen things that I had to have because they reminded me of something someone I knew had, too. It just makes you smile to see them and for that, they're worth it :)

Have a great day!