Monday, October 27, 2008


Gosh, I didn't realize it has been this many days since I posted! Where has the time gone???

On Friday my DH and youngest DD and I went to another province for a was an inservice day at school, so we took her with us. I visited the LNS (needlework store) and had hoped to get a few patterns....I did order a couple they didn't have, and I bought one...I'll show you the progress on that in a minute.

I put the quarter there to show you the size of the FOB. It is 32 count over one. I can only do it when the light is bright!! The other fabric is for the needlebook, which is 32 count over 2.

On Saturday night, my youngest had a party to go to. A fellow classmate was having a Halloween party. DD dressed as a fairy...not sure what the eye makeup was for..LOL, but she wanted it on......and this is the result.

Have a great day everyone! It's rainy and dark here, but at least it's mild out.