Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is Nala (or Nallie as we call her)...she is 10, been through alot this year medically, but still going strong. I had to show this....I just missed where she had all her paws in the air! She is napping in my stitching chair. That's her dog bed in the corner of the photo (zepra print)...but she squeezes into this chair!! It can't be comfortable! LOL

She is my shadow each and every day. Once in a while I will say "Wanna take a nap?" She's gone.....zoom......down the hall, with a toy in her mouth and jumps on my bed. Sometimes we take a "catnap" before the kids get home...while the house is still quiet...LOL

My how pets enrich our lives, don't they?


Anonymous said...

Oh Marion, Nala is just too sweet!

My Lucy girl (she's almost 7)is the same way. She always has to be touching me in some shape or form. When I'm sitting down, she's right beside me. As soon as I'm up she's in my spot. lol

Bandit has started doing this and Niko too. They are 2.5 years old.

Simply Heart And Home said...

Nallie is such a sweetheart. My Tildy is the same way. She is my little shadow. :)