Saturday, October 4, 2008


I'm still here! I took a few days off from Blogging...I still managed to read my favourite blogs, but didn't always comment. I had been battling a cold most of the week and wasn't really feeling 100 %. Also, it was a busy week with dental appts for two of the children, a check up for the dog, etc. Yesterday was mine and DH anniversary, and we went for a drive to another city. It was a gorgeous fall day....we had lunch, I visited an LNS that I love (needlework store) and we did a couple of other things before returning home...all in all, a great day!

Yup, that's us 21 years ago!!

I want to show you all something I got this week. This is a gift from my cousin. We met up at our Blanket Club on Tuesday, as usual, and she said she had brought me a gift! This is a puzzle my dad made many, MANY years ago! He made it for this particular cousin's sister for when she first started teaching lasted through that, her daycare, her three children, and then she gave it to her sister, who used it for her two children (now grown)...and so, when she was going through some things in her attic, she found this. I am totally thrilled!! I don't think I ever had a puzzle he made, if I did, I don't remember. Anyway, just after he would have made this, he got to working on building our cottage that we had when I was a child...and then ofcourse I was too old...LOL. I am going to display this in our family room. The kids love it as well. I am so thankful to have it! I think it looks kind of prim as well! Imagine all the children that played with this puzzle over the years!

Something else I did this week was meet up with an old friend for coffee at Starbucks. She is currently teaching at one of the local universities. We were wonderful friends as children, and even into early adulthood...then we kind of went our separate ways. We reconnected about a year ago through Facebook. It was wonderful to have coffee with her again. She was such a big part of my childhood! We were talking about how we had so much fun and the fun we had...was basically free, if you know what I mean. We have such fantastic memories. There were 3 of us girls that had cottages side by side...we would spend all our time together and we read, swam, walked, sewed, knitted, .....did so many interesting things. I wonder sometimes if my children will have the memories that I have. We could not wait for the next Nancy Drew or Trixie Beldon book to come out!! We sewed clothes for our Barbies, and later for ourselves. We knitted doll clothes and later purses, etc.....we also had a large number of other kids to play with....we played tag, volleyball, baseball, etc....great, great memories!

Today I am off with youngest to get a few errands done and she needs to get a haircut.

Sara, if you are reading this, I started your matchbox exchange last night! For all other readers, I am doing a matchbox exchange with a friend...we are decorating a matchbox and putting goodies in it....stitching related's going to be fun!!

Have a great day everyone and I do hope I haven't lost any readers!!!!


She Who Makes Waves said...

Thank you for sharing such great memories with us! I love the puzzle! What a treasure!

Kathy A. said...

Good morning Marion
Happy Anniversary to you and your DH and here's to many more.
How lovely for you to be able to rescue that puzzle and display it in your home.
Hope the cold leaves soon.

Leslie said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!

The puzzle is an awesome treasure :)

How wonderful that you are getting to reconnect with an old friend :) The same has been happening with me. It's a great thing to get that friendship back!

Have a wonderful weekend!


LoneStar said...

Hi Marion,

I recently found your blog and read with interest today's post. My DH and I were married yesterday also, 21 years ago! We're anniversary twins, apparently.

Lisa (Texan)

Colleen said...

Happy Anniversary, Marion! And that puzzle sure is a family treasure...

saras said...

AH!! Don't start yet! I haven't even started! Well, I did buy the matchbox, and I picked out a pattern that I think you'll really like. I'm gonna stitch that soon! The end of October, right?

Simply Heart And Home said...

I am sorry that I am late in my well wishes. Congratulations to you and your dear husband. 21 years is a lovely number - and don't the years fly by?