Friday, October 10, 2008


This has been an interesting week. First of all, I received a phone call on Monday night from my youngest DD's teacher. He apologized for the phone call, and said it was a hard one, but the schoolboard were looking at the class numbers and some grade 6's (girls actually) had to move to the other class, my daughter was chosen to be one. I told her this news (she is in a 5/6 split and loves it, from day one). She usually takes things in stride, but she was so upset and crying. I emailed the teacher and the principal saying how upset she was, and could she please stay in his class. End result...only she and one other girl in grade 6 will be in his class. There are several grade 6 boys....and all in all, she is very happy. Her teacher is also acting vice principal, and had her in his office asking if she was sure she wanted to stay in his class, etc....and she said yes. I am proud of her, it probably would not have been my choice, although he is the better teacher.

Another choice this week, we have an additional person living with us, for the time being. She is a friend of my oldest DD. She is 18, in grade 12 and trying desperately to get her grade 12 and stay in the school she is in. Problem being....she has very unsupportive parents. Her dad did not want her living with him, she is 18, he found her a place to live, however, it wasn't ideal and she was basically homeless last weekend. Her mom isn't in this area, she has a wonderful grandmother who is trying desperately to find her accomodations that are affordable and still enables her to go to her high school, as her grandmother is about an hour away from here. In the meantime we are letting her stay here. She is basically just here for the night, and for breakfast. Her grandmother picks her up alot after school, has supper with her, etc. This girl also works in a grocery store part time, so is definately trying to get somewhere in life. I just don't understand how parents can be so terrible. The grandmother said to me that she is so disappointed in her son, she did not raise him to be a parent like this. Really this girl is no trouble at all, it just breaks my heart that someone this young, while trying to get their education, is thrust into this situation. It may be that she will have to move in with her grandparents and finish school in that school district, but we'll see.

I have been cross-stitching is good therapy for me at the moment.

This is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, but really we don't have any plans. Our houseguest will be gone for the weekend, my oldest is working all weekend, youngest has a Birthday party to go to, DS will probably be around with his friends, dirt biking, we will just hang out here most of the weekend I guess.
When Sara got home from school yesterday, she iced a cake for me, which was dessert for supper last night.

Take care and have a great day everyone!



Leslie said...

Well, I'm glad that your DD spoke up and got what she wanted :) Sometimes it actually works but we're usually too scared to do something like that!

I'm sorry about your DD's friend. Some parents really really amaze me! I just don't get some people and I think that those crappy parents should be the ones that can't have kids, not the poor people that desperately want children and can't have them! It doesn't make sense. I just hope that the girl grows up and makes better decisions in her life for her own children :) How nice of you and your DH to take her in like that, too. You are doing SOOO much for her even if it doesn't seem like it!

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Thanksgiving? LOL

Simply Heart And Home said...

You are such a gentle spirit and have a kind heart to welcome that girl into your home. She is blessed to live with such a loving family.

Happy Thanksgiving to you. And that cake looks delicious!


Colleen said...

You are such an inspiration, Marion... All the best to you and your family as you reach out to your daughter's friend and provide her with a sense of home.