Thursday, October 30, 2008


It's sunny, but cold here today....and forecast for Halloween is a bit chilly and sun!! I am taking youngest and her friend out trick or treating tomorrow night.....her friend is coming here after school, and I will pick up a pizza to have to eat before we go out.

Today I want to say a big thank you to my husband. This isn't in my nature to be gushy, but I feel like he deserves a thank you. We have been together for 22 years, and we have been through alot financially and otherwise. He is always the one that carries the burden of being positive...I am the "what if" person. My husband has been working as a salesman for a company for 9 years...and for the last couple of years, on the side is also working on his own business. He has had setbacks...but now, seems to be moving ahead some. I do not tell him how much I appreciate him....nor do I tell him to follow his dreams...but life is too short and I am proud of him for following his dreams!

My cousin's husband passed away suddenly in July. They had been together since their late teens (she is now 60)....and this week she bought a new house! Her and her husband had this large (7 bedroom home) that they bought about 25 years ago. It isn't what you would call a cozy home, and their two kids have grown and left....not to mention the fact that her husband had been somewhat of a "hoarder"....she has so much junk in that house!! Anyway, about 3 weeks ago, we were at her sister's house, as we are each week, working on our swedish weaving and she noticed the house across the steet had gone up for sale! Long story short, she bought the house!! It is a really cozy, sweet bungalow. And what is most important is that it is only 4 minutes from her daughter! And, ofcourse across the street from her sister and brother-in-law! I am so happy for her! It also has a gorgeous view of water! (something that is important to her). I am proud of her, it wasn't easy to make this decision so soon, but she will be so happy there.

Life throws you curve balls every now and have to deal with them, make the best of the situation and move on. This has been a random post...I realize that....but I am so thankful for what I do have in life....and will not be taking it for granted anymore.

Have a beautiful day everyone!


mumzy said...

Oh my! I was almost in tears reading your blog today. DH and I have also been together since our teens, having gone together in high school and then married over 42 years ago. DH has had heart problems - stents put in and a pacemaker put in last Christmas. He seems to be o.k. now but we do enjoy each day to the most. You seem to have a great possible outlook. Please keep it up.

Have a Great Halloween Day and Night!


mumzy said...

Sorry. I meant you have a great positive outlook. I should learn to read what I write before sending it.

Colleen said...

Such a sweet post, Marion. I hope all is well where you are, my friend...

Sandy said...

How sweet. I'm going to give my wonderful hubby a great big hug right now. I too have a great guy. I do try to tell him often because he's the best thing's that's ever happened to me second only to my son.

Congrats to your friend on her purchase, I'm sure she will enjoy the house.

Have fun tonight with the kiddos and the candy.