Sunday, May 23, 2010


Thank you all for your comments...I really appreciate them!! I know we will be fine..we always are...and that job isn't DH's only source of income, he actually has his own business, so we will just have to incorporate benefits into that......god has a plan for all of us and we will survive. I just get stressed about things sometimes!

Anyway, I do have another finish!! I started this a couple of years ago and dug it out of the UFO pile and told myself..."Self, you are going to finish this!" I love this design, and hope to get it framed soon.....I'll give my framer a bit of a break, since he only frames in his spare time..LOL

Also, a few posts back I mentioned that I was doing a Mother's Day exchange with an online friend of mine......we were to make something, and then send something else we thought the other person would like......I made a pin cushion (Blackbird Designs) and FOB for her, and I included a couple of other things in her package, which for some reason I did NOT take a photo of?!

And, this is what I got from Terry! Look at that beautiful wool to make myself some cozy slippers! And a dish cloth, which she knitted, a sweet change purse, which she made herself, and two pairs of earrings, which her daughter made!! Thank you Terry!!

Anyway, enjoy your day's sunny here, so I am going to enjoy mine!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Good evening everyone!

I have been hibernating lately...I've been here, but not really in the mood to post.....I've been doing some "soul searching" so to speak.

When I made the decision at the age of 41 to leave work and stay at home with my children, I did not do it lightly...I had been at the job for 20 years, but I KNEW that the time was right, and it was what was needed to be done. I had wanted to do that the entire time I had been forward 11 years.....I am still a stay at home mom, with the exception of a 3 year stint as a school lunch monitor at my childrens' school (again I felt it was needed for a couple of reasons).....and now I am at the age where had I stayed at my origional job of 20 years, I would be 3 years away from retirement. Do I think I made the wrong decision? Not on your life, but there are times when I wish my future years were more financially secure. I think what brought this on was a change in one of the jobs that DH does. We thought it would always be is no longer going to be there after next week...and it was a shock to us. Not the end of the world, but it was the job that paid our medical and dental benefits, and therefore we must (and have) search out alternate benefits. I don't like change...I am the first to admit it! I have been thinking that maybe I should start looking for a part-time job, now that my youngest is almost 13....but at what? I am not trained for anything anymore and the thought of a department store makes me gag (sorry if any of you do this...I admire you, I could not do it) have been doing some soul searching and whining! When I read Katy's post today I realized how selfish I had been...and how fortunate I am......thank you Katy!

I guess we all have days/weeks where we feel unsettled, discouraged, etc...

I took a couple of photos, (borrowing from Katy's idea)...of the wonderful things in and around my home, and yes, I am truly blessed.
My doggy...Nallie...who is 12....and my daily companion:

Looking out my large kitchen window to the back deck and back yard...

My other kitchen window...looking towards the road that passes by our home....


Here it is in all it's glory!!! I love it!!!! "STILL WATERS"

I truly love this piece and am so glad I decided to stitch it (and finish it! LOL)

Have a great evening everyone!! Maybe you each can tell me one thing you are thankful for in your life today!