Sunday, January 31, 2010


FINALLY!! I figured out how to change the look of my BLOG! I've been busy reading some wonderful stitching Blogs lately and when I see the number of comments they have, I think "wonder why my poor little Blog doesn't get many comments?!"....Okay, agreed, it might help if I updated more often!! But, if you read my Blog will you comment on this post for me??? Pleeease?!! That'd make my day...really!!!!

Life's been busy around here...raising 3 teenagers (okay two teenagers and an "almost" teenager!)...but I still managed to find the time to stitch and do a bit of knitting....

I'm on a Plum Street Samplers kick lately...I love Paulette's Blog and her designs, which I discovered a few months ago!

I started "My Pretties" on some 30 count mystery fabric I have in my stash....and I also started "Still Waters"...on some 28 count fabric I had. This is a larger project for me, but I will get it done at some point this year!! I see on her Blog that she has a new chart coming out soon....ofcourse I'll have to get that one too!! Can never have TOO many charts!!

On the knitting front, I had all this extra yarn left from my Blankets that I make and my youngest is on a Legwarmer kick, so I told her I could make her a pair...I started these last night...and I'll be working on them until they are finished, so had to set my stitching aside...

anyway, my friends....thank you for reading this post!! Maybe one of these years I can hope to get more and more comments!!!

Have a great day!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Good morning everyone!

I do still stitch, have been doing a fair amount lately!

First up, this is a UFO from a few years ago, I dug it out just before Christmas and have it almost finished...just a bit of backstitching on the last little angel, and then I have to put in the "wording"...this will be finished as a bellpull. The skirts on the angels are "Sutherland" tartan...Sutherland being my maiden name. I did the first two as ancient tartan and the last as modern.

Secondly, I finished this little gem that I started a few months ago.....I switched the Sampler Threads to DMC and I do think it turned out okay. When I first started this I wasn't enjoying it, but after picking it up again AFTER Christmas...I finished it in no time! It is "Earth Sampler" by The Primitive Needle. It's stitched on a piece of mystery fabric I had on hand.

Excuse the poor photos and wrinkled fabric! I didn't take the time to take better photos this morning..sorry!

I started this design last night, and it's a fun stitch! I ordered the chart and fabric from Amy at

A Bird in Hand by La-D-Da.

As well, I previously ordered this from Amy, and it's next on my list to start.

I'm just going to use fabric I have in my stash for this one....doesn't it look like a fun stitch? It's called "My Pretties" by Plum Street Samplers...and I just love her designs! If you haven't checked out Paulette's Blog, please to do....
Also on my list, this this cutie:

"Just Add Tinsel" by Blue Ribbon Designs...I just heard from Amy last night that my fabric has come in and will be on it's way. Sara (check out her latest nativities) is going to do this as well.

As for the homefront...things are going very well! My daughter is much happier and we are much happier as well! Thank you for any prayers that you have sent...things seem to be working!

Take care everyone...and stay warm! (We are doing quite well as far as our winter so far, but I know a lot of you are getting extreme cold and lots of snow...that seemed to be us last year!)


Sunday, January 3, 2010


I want to wish my beautiful daughter Tracy a very happy 19th Birthday today!!

We are having spagetti, garlic bread and DQ ice cream cake!! Yum!! Then Tracy is off to university for the night to go out with her girlfriend...
**Edited to add......cake WAS delicious!!!!

Love you Tracy!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Welcome 2010!! I welcome this new year and new decade with open arms! I hope each of you has a prosperous and wonderful year!!
We survived Christmas in our household...actually it was a wonderful, Blessed Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve together....the 4 of us until almost 9pm, then the 5 of us (oldest visited and then came home to spend the rest of the evening with us). We played board games......we talked, listened to Christmas music, was great. Christmas morning I was up EARLY!! I always wake up early, but this year I was up at 4:30 am!! Yes, that's right....4:30!! I got the veggies ready, made muffins, coffee, etc....and finally our youngest woke up at 7.......we opened presents, relaxed for a while and then had our family dinner.
My DH's sister and her family went away for Christmas this year...they rented a gorgeous cottage right on the water in a neighbouring province. They had a fantastic time. Their two kids are 21 and 24, both were home for the Holidays and went with their parents....they had a Charlie Brown Christmas tree with all homemade decorations, played games, walked on the beach, etc...a truly wonderful family Holiday.
As most of you know, my family has struggled along with our oldest while she makes some changes in her life, some good, some not so good (to us anyway), but things that have to be her choices....I hope 2010 brings her peace and Happiness and wise choices. It's hard to watch your children grow up!
I will leave you with a few photos of the Holidays...

Take care everyone!!