Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I'd like to do a random post today about a few of my favourite things (besides my family) around my home......this is my mom's china and glassware.....she loved her china.....it's called "Blossom Time" and is very delicate. She had quite a collection of glassware, which is "Cornflower" pattern. When mom passed away, I inherited these....this particular china will some day belong to my oldest daughter.

See this bride and groom? This was on the top of my parents wedding cake...they also had 4 others, (it was a two tier cake) and I was able to find 3, which are randomly placed in the cabinet. I found them in various places of my parents home, when I was cleaning it out. Funny, I had never thought about what they were from until I looked at their wedding photos.

I also want to show you a few of her pieces that I have placed on top of the china cabinet. (Ignore the dust!!). The china cup and saucer with the lady on the front is over 100 years old. I always liked this when it was in mom's house.

Hope you enjoyed my little post today.



Wendy said...

What gorgeous china! How lovely that you have such wonderful keepsakes from your Mum.

Sandy said...

Love the china and glassware. How great that you have the cake toppers. When DH and I got married we found the engraved knife his Mom and Dad used to cut their cake and we used that in our wedding.

Love the china cup is also very pretty and 100 years old? That's amazing since most of the time they get broken.

What treasures you have.

Simply Heart And Home said...

Hi Marion.

I love all your little tea cups and such in your beautiful cupboard. I'd love to share a cup of tea with you and visit.


mumzy said...

Glad you stopped by my blog. Nice to meet someone from our neighbour province.

The crystal is the same pattern that I have collected since I was married over 42 years ago. The china is very nice too. In my china cabinet, I have a collection of Royal Doulton dolls, which I love.

I have only one daughter who is married and will be moving to Nova Scotia in March.

Have a great day!