Monday, June 30, 2008


We are experiencing not so summer like weather the past few days here. We do not even have our easy set pool up yet!! This is the latest it has ever been that we have not had it up!! So for that fact and the weather, it doesn't seem like summer!! I thought I'd take a photo of youngest clowning around on the deck...that's her new "Camp Rock" T-shirt she bought on her shopping spree. LOL

DH and youngest DD and I took our dog to the vet this morning for a follow-up, she's doing very well and quite playful, but we are monitoring the lump on her mammary gland and will have it removed in August, when we have had a bit of vacation, as the recovery time is two weeks, and ofcourse she comes with us when we go away overnight!

Don't these look yummy!!! DS made them last night when he was looking for something to do! They are just the slice and bake ones, but still very yummy and they disappeared pretty fast!!!
He likes to bake when he's dad did that as well...and was a very, very good baker!

Can you guess what our favourite berry is??????LOL We take FULL advantage of strawberry season around here! We have had bowls of strawberries, bowls with whipped cream, strawberry shortcake, strawberries and biscuits, strawberry crepes, you name it....we have had it.....and I am going to go get some more tonight, as tomorrow is a Holiday in Canada...have to stock up!!


On that note, I will end and go get a few strawberries to tide me over until supper! I would also like to thank my blogger friend Zandra.....for the wonderful ideas and recipes she sent me!! I don't feel like I am sinking in boring food for my kids...(I have two kids that do not eat meat).

Have a great day everyone!!!


Sunday, June 29, 2008


Time flies by SO fast!!! This past week has been incredibly busy, and I think we are adjusting to school being out for the summer as will all fall into a routine shortly ( I hope!!).

I want to share some photos that I had promised earlier........

On Wednesday, my daughter had her Birthday party early...she won't actually turn 11 until this coming week. BUT, she wanted a sleepover, so 3 girls came home with her on the bus, and one got dropped off....three stayed all left at 9pm. They had a Hannah Montana party! LOL We had Hannah Montana Balloons,

We had Hannah Montana napkins and plates, we had Hannah Montana presents....and we had an.........ELMO dairy queen cake!!!LOL Yes, DD also loves Elmo!!

Yesterday I took her shopping to spend her Birthday money, which is what she wanted from us, and also she got money from two friends...we had a blast! This is her in her Hannah Montana jacket and purse...the jacket she got from her best friend for a birthday present...notice a theme here...LOL

We left early...went for breakfast and hit the mall as it opened. She got some great bargains at The Disney Store (who can resist 4o percent off the sale price, especially if it is High School Musical!)...this is what she purchased there...

.....and she went to all her other favourite is is at home with some of her loot!!

Today proves to be a quiet one so far, and I do hope it stays that way!! I plan on enjoying some strawberries which are just coming into season here...and a favourite of all of ours!!

And to end, we now are officially into summer vacation, and since the kids got out of school on has RAINED!! We do not even have out easy set pool up yet!!! Summer weather....where are you????

Take care everyone and have a great Sunday!!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Gosh, I haven't done a post since Monday!!!! Bad, bad blogger!! LOL It's been a VERY busy week, and i just didn't take the time to go downstairs to the main computer and blog and upload my photos. My youngest, who turns 11 next week, had her party early....a sleep over! Four invited.....four came...three stayed all night. It was a Hannah Montana party......I'll post photos later today.
Also, my other two had friends sleep over this week! Today is grading day!!! They go long enough to get their report cards...then summer vacation!!!! Not sure if I'm ready for it...considering how busy this past week was...but nothing I can do about that! LOL

I have been reading blogs this week...didn't comment on alot...but I have been by for a visit!

Anyway, must go...will be back around later with photos!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Week-end fun!

We had a really busy weekend.......Friday night I took a couple of photos out in our backyard of our oldest DD and our's one to share with you.

On Saturday, youngest DD had a Birthday party to attend...on a Pirate Ship Cruise!! How fun is that! Oldest DD and I walked along the waterfront and had tea while we waited for the ship to dock. While we were waiting for them, we could hear the kids out in the harbour! LOL They were having a ball!!

Here they are just leaving the dock:

Here they are out in the Harbour...the sails haven't been put up quite yet.

Anyone remember the kids show from years ago..."Theodore Tugboat"? Well, it was based in our city, and here is Theodore......he now gives tours of the Harbour...LOL

And last, but not least....a shot of a small part our our beautiful waterfront.

You can see one of our two bridges in the distance.

Have a great evening everyone........



Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Morning....

So here it is 10:15 and I have been up, done two loads of laundry, gone for groceries and went to yard sales! LOL And I will be leaving again before noon....not getting back until at 7 tonight!

Leslie over at My Country Home taggged me, so here goes....

1. Five things I do for myself:

1. I meet with my cousins once a week for crafts, lunch and conversation
2. I spend time working on my cross-stitch or swedish weaving each is a wonderful relaxing time.
3. I go for massage therapy when I can...she's a friend and is fantastic
4. I try and look after myself as best I can.
5. I find time to relax so that I can be energized when the family is around.

2. Five kind things I do for Friends, my children or partner:
1. I love to surprise my friends when I find little thing I know they will like...I buy it and give it to them.
2. I do the same as the above for the kids.
3. I like to take each child out individually with me for some quality alone time.
4. I try and find things that hubby likes (he's hard to surprise) and give them to him...or cook favourite meal for him
5. I always try and call my long distance friends on a regular basis.

3. Five kind things I've done for strangers:
1. I always hold the door open for them.
2. I always try to smile at strangers.
3. sometimes I will take a cart back to the corral for them, at the grocery store or Wal-mart
4. I will let them get ahead of me in line if they only have a few the checkout.
5. I've returned a lost wallet.

4. Five hobbies I enjoy:
1. cross-stitch
2. swedish weaving
3. playing the piano
4. reading
5 drawing

Happy Saturday to you all! I do have another tag, which I will to tomorrow.


Friday, June 20, 2008


I'm glad it's Friday, but we have a very busy weekend ahead of us!!

Tomorrow my youngest daughter has a party to go to...this one is in the city (45 minute drive) and it's aboard a ship!! They are doing a Pirate Cruise...just out in the fun is that!!! While she is on board, my oldest daughter and I will walk along the waterfront and perhaps go for lunch and dessert on the waterfront. It's really beautiful down there...and that is one thing I miss about working downtown...the newspaper I worked for was right downtown and we could eat our lunch on the waterfront. Anyway, after we pick up youngest DD, we will have a bit of time to kill before oldest DD has an appointment, also in the city (very unusual for us to actually go into the city!). She managed to get an appointment with the people from the Family channel, etc....they are looking for young actors/actresses and will interview 200 from Nova she managed to get in, I'll never know, but it will be fun for her. She's not expecting anything out of it, other than it will be around 7 when I get home tomorrow night.

Sunday we have a Birthday party to go to for Larry's aunt. I really like this aunt, she is turning 80, and there should be alot of people coming and going at this party. I have been asked to take photos...which I will. Usually being around DH's family is stressful....they are not my cup of tea, so to speak, but I will stick it out for the afternoon. Thank heavens we don't see alot of these people or I would be a nervous wreck. It's taken me a long time to get to this point....I just cannot be around them for a long period of time.

Last night was my son's last dance of the year. I remember 3 years ago when my oldest daughter had her grade 8 dance ( grade 9 is high school here)......she prepared for hours, had her hair curled at the salon, new dress, new shoes, etc....well, my son, who is so quiet came home yesterday and said he thought he might go to this dance....keep in mind you certainly don't have to dress up...actually only the girls do....anyway, I managed 2 photos, and I was lucky to get those! LOL After the dance they all went to Boston Pizza and had fun.

Have a great Friday everyone!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


A little "lighter" in topic than the previous one, but please take time to read it as well and comment....I'd love to hear if you are a "what if"person. LOL

I'd like to share a little bit of my yard with you today.....even though it is gloomy out, I decided to go take a couple of photos. (Excuse the long's been too wet to mow).

The first one is the back yard...I am slowly getting a few plants planted that like shade.....this area will be perfect for a lawn swing some day (I like to dream that it will anyway!)

Next...this is a crane that is just up the road from us.....they are putting in a modular home today....kind of neat....just saw the first half of the house go by. Once the kids get home we will drive by and see what it looks like.

Next is a shot of some of my lillies. This particular small bunch is important to me. Two years ago when I sold my parents home...and after all of the furniture had been moved, my son and I were walking through the house. I had a thought.....I wonder if I could take a lilly transplant and see if it would grow at my house! My mom and dad had lillies in their backyard....however, I had to do this so it wouldn't look like they were dug my son found a bucket and managed to dig up a small lilly that had a root...he said that was all we could get without it being we settled for that....last year it grew a bit more...this year it's looking very a little of my parents yard is growing in mine.

Have a great afternoon everyone!


I AM. The older I get, the more I become a "what if" person. My husband is not.
I try to come up with a "What if" for anything. Sometimes it's good to rationalize things out...sometimes it's a bit obsessive. I like to know what would happen in any given circumstance. I like to plan ahead....sometimes that's not all that great have to live for today as my DH says. Even when everything in life is going great....I have a "what if".
So, tell me....are you a "what if" person?

Who is getting very tired of this dark gloomy weather...where is the sun!!??

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whatcha working on?

What are we working on, on Wednesday?? My blogger friend Leslie, over at 'My Country Home" started this, as of I thought I would join in.....

Today is's a bit cooler and damp, and we've just had some thunder and some rain any plans I had of working out in my little garden will not happen I am going to sit in the living room, with a cup of tea and work on my Anne of Green Gables cross-stitch. This is a project I've had on the go for a long time...and it seems lately that I have precious little time to sit and stitch on it. I love this piece, it's calming and peaceful for me to work on it, and I can't wait to get it finished and framed. Yes, I could be working on countless other things around the house, but today it will be Anne with an E...LOL Have a great day everyone and I hope lots of people show us what they are working on!!

IT'S HUMP DAY AGAIN!!! And a bit of gratefulness!!!!

Here it is the middle of the week AGAIN! I had hoped for a post of my little garden today, but it's raining, and not the best day for photos! Cross your fingers for tomorrow!

Yesterday morning I was off to the Vet's with our dog again....she injured herself on Monday...she's 10 and forgets that she is getting older....anyway, she must have bruised her leg at some point and was limping, so she's back on medication.
Seems like it has been one thing after another recently with her...after being so healthy for ten years!!

I would like to take this time to thank my blogger friends.....the past few months I have "met" such wonderful ladies, and I look forward to reading your blogs each day...I try to comment, sometimes time does not permit this, but THANK YOU...I feel like each of you have become a good and valued friend and most days look so forward to checking out your blogs. Thank you to my lifetime friend "She who makes waves"...for introducing me to the world of Katy for your wisdom beyond your years and sharing your wonderful family with us, to Colleen for your wonderful, kind comments to my blog and for sharing your family with Gina....I love reading your daily postings and thank you for all your comments on my blog! Also, to Leslie...where would we all be without your craftiness!!! You inspire us! To Wendy, I want to come live in your house, or YOU come decorate mine!! And to all the other ladies whose blogs I so greatly enjoy! Thank you for sharing a little bit of your lives with us!!!
Have a great day everyone!!

Monday, June 16, 2008


I was going to do a different post this morning, but opted not to. I am feeling stressed and a little "down"...not making for a very interesting post at all. This will pass...I just have to have some tea and relax for a bit and sort my feelings out.

Our dog had her checkup from her operation on Friday. She is recovering very nicely, however there is another issue. She has a tumor on her mammary gland. We will wait two weeks and see if it shrinks...which it very well may because of the operation she just had, but at any rate, we need to deal with it. The thought of loosing our dog to cancer, should this be cancer, is scary and depressing. This dog has been with me almost 24/7, since I left my fulltime job in 1999. I've always had a dog, but I've not always spent this much time with the one I've had. She has her little quirks and routines with me each day, and the thought of her not being around to spend the days with me, is sad, very sad. I know I am looking on the dark side of all could turn out very differently,so we'll have to wait and see.

Also, the day we will take her back for her assessment on this tumor is the kids last day of school. I have no idea what this summer will bring. I hope fun adventures, and enjoyable times for the kids. Should our dog have to undergo another operation, this will mean some quiet time at home for the kids, and not camping, etc....for a few days anyway. Something we will have to discuss and deal with.

Another reason why the glum post...yesterday was Father's Day, and my 4th without my dad. I miss him...his wisdom, his conversations, the wonderful things he did for me, my husband and his pride and joys....his grandchildren. My dad didn't have to do anything for my kids to enjoy time with him.....he was just one of those people whose presence you enjoyed. He was a very quiet man, his life was his family.....we all miss you a lot dad/grampie......god bless you and take care of you.

So fellow bloggers....I'm going to go and have that tea and see if I can shake this mellow/sad mood........

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Well, to begin with, I'm having a really hard time getting a good photo of this you will have to use your imagination a looks better in person than the photos!!

The story behind this little photo.....this is my uncle, my mom's oldest brother, who would be turning 100 this year! He never married and he passed away in his 60's, a year after my grandmother passed on...he always lived with her and looked out for her. Anyway, about 3-4 years ago, just before my dad passed away, and before my mom's alzheimers got the better of her, I was sitting in the living room at their home, and opened the drawer of one of her tables, where she kept some photos. I came across this little photo and asked her who the child was...she told me. I also asked my cousin after my mom's alzheimers had gotten worse and he too comfirmed that it was him. I love this little photo. It is the only "little child" photo that I know about...of any of the 8 kids, my mom being the grandmother had 8 children in 12 years and most likely only ever professionally had this, her oldest child done. I also have a photo taken of my grandmother, by the same photographer, probably on the same day.

Anyway, I just had it in my mind that I had to do something with this I bought a frame at Wal-mart that origionally had a white mat...and I got busy crafting it to look like it might be antique. I'm happy with it, and I am going to hang it with the antique photo I have of my grandparents. I just felt like this photo was a "lost little soul" that had to be hung in my home.

I remember my uncle well, and he was a kind, gentle soul

So ladies, that was my project for today! Leslie has inspired me to use what I have, and make things! So Leslie, if you are reading this...thank you!!


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


And so it is Wednesday, "hump day". Gloomy, warm and a bit muggy outside.
I am kind of at a stand still today. I'm waiting on an electrician and someone else to come and service our generator. We had a generator put in 17 months ago. We decided it would be worth our while after living through a hurricane and without power for 7 days, back a few years ago. So...long story short, our generator did not pass inspection by the Power company....the company we got the generator from had done a couple of things incorrectly...and here we are months later, after many phone calls, promises from the company, etc...waiting on these guys to FINALLY come and do what they have to! It's been an agonizing process and needless to say, we will not be recommending this company to anyone else! Anyway, since I don't know when today they are coming, I can't go anywhere, and since they will be here for 3-4 hours they will probably have the power shut off, so preparing dinner now is not an option (I'm not complaining about that part of it...haha)..I think maybe I will take advantage of this situation and do some stitching.
Have a great day everyone!

Monday, June 9, 2008


My girlfriend and I got away for a night! We planned this for a LONG time...we stayed at a really nice Bed & Breakfast, had a really nice dinner out on Saturday night, and took the touristy drive back home on Sunday.

These are two photos of the Bed & Breakfast we stayed at. We were in a nice little historic town not TOO far from's mainly built on a hill and all the older homes have been restored...oh yes, and it's on the water.

This is a view from the front door of the Bed and Breakfast.

This is our room. The shutters were closed in this photo for some reason, but they open to a lovely view.

I had to take a photo of this "guy"...he was outside a craft store and ofcourse he isn't real, however when you walk by him, he has a motion sensor, and he starts talking to you!! I jumped about a foot when I heard him! LOL

Isn't this photo incredible!! This is the historic school in the is being used for other things at the moment, but it wasn't that long ago it WAS the school! I just had to take a photo of it.

Have a great day is going to be a hot one here, so I want to get things done and I have to head to the grocery store, but that's it for the rest of the day...supper is's oldest DD's boyfriend's birthday and he is coming over...oh yes, I do have to make a cake too!!


Friday, June 6, 2008


Great combination, eh?
Today I have a couple of things I want to share...I have been working on a small project for youngest DD, who will have a Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus based room. I made her a lamp shade. I took a plain shade, covered it in photos, put a sparkley glaze over it, a finish, and some pink fuzzy yarn and a beaded fringe..and voila! I like it, so does I need to find her a lamp to put it on!! Wouldn't you know it....I was clearing out the storage closet a few weeks ago and donated two end lamps that I had many years of those would have been perfect! I will check a couple of thrift stores before I actually look in Wal-mart....I know she wants to make it her own style, so I'd like a cheap second hand one that we can fool around with.

The second thing I want to share today is photos of our back yard! At the end of last summer, this yard was full of trees and overgrown brush. We had basically not done anything with the land....anyways, we had a problem with our septic field and were told we had to replace it.....the guy that actually replaced it did this type of work, so we decided to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, we got him to clear the back yard, except for a few of the nice hardwood trees....around October we planted grass seed, some took, but we replanted seed in the early spring, and this is the result...we are by far not done with the back yard, but it looks so nice now! I took these photos from the deck. Also, I am showing you the basement entrance and the walkway on the side. I am very proud of our is a mobile (mini home) that we had designed for our needs and full basement is unique an unusual, and is basically now a 5 bedroom, 3 bath house.....

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I just love this purse!!! My friend Leslie, over at "My Country Home"

made this! I knew when she posted some photos of ones she was making on her blog, that I just had to have I asked her if I could buy one from her...this came in the mail yesterday, and it's perfect!!!! I am going to use it this weekend when I go away for a night with my girlfriend. We are celebrating our Birthdays..mine in March, hers in May...we are driving about an hour and a half from here, and staying at a really old Bed & Breakfast..touring around the small town Saturday evening....Sunday morning we will go to a neighbouring town to the Sunday Market...I can hardly wait!!
Anyways.....back to the old grindstone...LOL......
Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Time for an update!
Things are going well here. Thank you for all the well wishes for our dog Nala (Nallie)..she is doing VERY well, and hopefully will continue to do so and be with us for a few more years. The kids are all so very happy that she's doing good.

One of the sweetest things that happened on the weekend..amid all the crisis of Nallie was what my son did....early Sunday morning we took our dog to emerge....our oldest had already left for work, the other two were sleeping in the family room. I went down to tell them about Nallie...(they already knew she was feeling really bad)...and my youngest DD came up to say good bye and give her hugs. I even told the kids that there was the possibility that Nallie would not get better. My son did not come upstairs.....anyway, when Larry and I got back from emerge (we had to leave Nallie there for her operation)....I walked into my kitchen and noticed it was spotless!! I complimented my youngest DD and son on the wonderful DD said rather annoyed that she was not allowed to help....DS had done it all! I realize this is his way of coping with being upset about our dog. Anyway, later in the day, just after that wonderful phone call from emerge that Nallie was fine...our oldest DD pulls in the driveway...she had gotten someone to cover her evening shift at swimming for her...she wanted to be home with us and was worried about we had a family day minus our dog...but we were happy as we knew our doggie was going to be okay.

Today I am spending a rather quiet day here, trying to catch up on housework.
I'll leave you with a couple of photos of our dog from the past year.