Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Friday!

So what is everyone up to for the weekend? I had origionally thought that DH and I would go back to the other city and the LNS that I wanted to visit again, but decided against going today. It's rainy, and I prefer sunny days for travelling, and also, next Friday is an inservice for the kids, so we can take youngest with us. So, I am hoping for sun for next Friday!

I don't really have alot planned for today...ususal things around the house and perhaps some cross-stitching later today. Tomorrow youngest and I are up bright and early and off to do errands and hit the second hand stores. She's looking things for her Halloween the school dance is this coming week.

This is another little cross-stitch project I have on the go. I want to finish these and hang them in the stairway to the family room. I may work on this one this afternoon, since I'm just about finished the one I showed you earlier this week.

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Leslie said...

Very nice :)

I haven't worked on a thing! I need to but I have been working on stuff and talking on the phone with everyone...catching up. Maybe I'll stitch in a bit or sew. Jer will be hunting after work so I have time to do nothing and relax with the kids.

Have a great weekend!