Tuesday, October 14, 2008


An update from my post yesterday.....daughter and boyfriend are still together. They talked and seemingly worked things out. We'll see. We will support her in any decision she makes concerning this. Thanks for all your comments...I truly appreciate them.

This morning is a bit chilly, but a beautiful fall morning. I took a couple of photos out my back door....the photos do not do justice to what I see.

I also wanted to show you what I am taking to Blanket Club meeting today. Colleen over at http://andbabymakesfive-colleen.blogspot.com/ posted this Pumpkin Gingerbread recipe and I tried it yesterday...YUM! A big hit! Thank you Colleen.

I do hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!



Simply Heart And Home said...

yodel-hoo! :)

Your trees are so lovely. Ours are just starting to change color. I'm glad things worked out for your daughter. It is tough being a mother - you want to protect your children from all pain.

Your bread does look yummy. I will have to check out the recipe!


She Who Makes Waves said...

I love your fall color pictures! I miss an east coast fall! Even the bread looks like a fall color!

Katy said...

YUM!!! The bread looks fantastic!
I love the pics Marion!!! Just beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! :)