Sunday, November 30, 2008

Is ANYONE still out there?

I know I haven't posted all week, but I do hope my readers are still around! Please let me know if you are still reading! I love to get comments!!

It's a gorgeous sunny day here in Eastern Canada. I have been up since 6am, made sure my daughter got off to work on time and worked on the newest Swedish Weaving blanket I have started. This one is for someone special. The background is pale yellow, but it isn't showing up in the pattern. It's pretty...I'm liking it so far!!

I finished the blanket I did for my friend. I had hoped to give it to her this weekend, but we couldn't manage to meet hopefully in the next couple of weeks. She doesn't know I made it for her, so I can't wait to see her expression!

I made these two window toppers back door that opens to the deck is a long pane of glass, so I have two curtain rods on it....I like how they turned out....I have one more to make for the front door...probably won't get that done until tomorrow.

Anyway...hope everyone has a great Sunday!!


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Still here!!

Gee, I haven't updated all week!!!!
First of all, I picked a bad week to have giveaways, but I did draw Sandy's name for the bookmarks!! Sandy, I'll email you in a bit for your address. As for the cross-stitch chart...I'll repost that later next week, and if you want to have it, great....but please remember, it's just the chart, and in your comment, please tell me if you want the chart! :) Thanks...

Well, it was a busy week. And a very nice week weatherwise! That's part of the reason I didn' update the blog...the weather has been spring like!

I've been thinking about the holidays alot....I'll do a post on that probably tomorrow....

I did get productive today and made two window toppers for my back door...Christmas fabric! I'l take a photo of those later and post it. I have one more left to do for the front door. Our tree is in the family room...not decorated yet though, and other than a couple of smaller decorations, I haven't dug out the majority of the Christmas will get done in the next few days though.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another nice day, so I think that DH and I and probably youngest DD are going away for a few hours. I have a couple of Christmas gifts I want to pick up.

I had a really good experience Christmas shopping today. I went to buy a Hoodie that my DS said he had liked...there was a sale going on in the store, plus no tax. I asked what the $1.00 sale was and the manager said it was on certain items in the one..get another for $1.00. I asked him if the Hoodie was part of that, he said no, sorry, only the sections that had the sign above the racks (made sense)....anyway, I said I wanted the Hoodie anyway, and still wanted to look around...he said he'd put the Hoodie at the counter. It was really busy in there today, and when I went to pay for it, the people had died down somewhat...the manager said for me to pick out another Hoodie of a certain rack he pointed to...and he'd give it to me for a $1.00! I thought that was so nice....because he knew I was going to buy the other one anyway, and he really didn't have to do that!! I now have two Hoodie's for DS for Christmas!! Made me feel really good that there are people like that out there.

Anyway fellow bloggers, I will end for now and be back tomorrow with photos and a new post!!
Have a great evening!

Monday, November 24, 2008


This is for the CHART only...I have finished stitching it...and would like to pass it on.
It's Little House Needleworks.....Reading, Stitching, Writing.
If you would like this...please leave me a comment, also please read my previous two posts...thanks! I will draw for this on Thursday.

Monday Morning,prayers and giveaways!

First of all, if you haven't read my previous post, I'd greatly appreciate it if you would, and I would appreciate all the kinds thoughts and prayers for my family.
In honour of my wonderful blog friends that I have met up with on this blog....and because last week I won a wonderful cross-stitch kit off Sandy's Blog...I would like to offer this set of bookmarks from my husband's business. I offered a set of these several months ago as well. They really are very nice. It is 10 laminated, collectible bookmarks of our wonderful city.
If you would be interested in winning this set, please leave me a comment.
Also, I am about to post another giveaway. I will draw for this on Thursday.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


TOMORROW I WILL BE POSTING A PIF AND A COUPLE OF honour of my wonderful blog friends...
Something has arisen in my family today that basically was a bad choice of one of my children. It was a very bad choice and disappointing, but at the same time, I feel it was an eyeopener for the person involved and for our family. It is not life was just a bad split second decision, that could in turn be a positive time in that child's life. The punishment will give this child a chance to think,make some good decisions and a chance to spend good quality family time and wise life decisions. I will say no more....I truly believe everything happens for a reason and good will come of this. No one is perfect and we love our children no matter what. This wasn't horrible...just disappointing.
At the same time I ask for prayers that the right decisions and choices be made by this child, during the appropriate time ahead, as there will be lots of "thinking" time. Enough said..
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Well, we got LOTS of snow over night, and it is actually snowing again now (after being sunny for a few hours!). This morning there was SO much snow....we couldn't open the front door...I got
the basement door open, as it opens in....let our dog out and she got stuck!!! She was so not impressed! DS and DH have been out clearing the walkways and driveways for hours, and just took our daughter to the bus stop down the road for work....she was supposed to work at 9am, but we were in the midst of the storm then, and besides nothing, including where she works was open then!

There is a bright spot today though....DH checked the mail, which we didn't get to do yesterday, and there was my matchbox exchange from Sara! I cannot get over her stitching....I always new she was a fantastic stitcher, and this proves it.....I was spoiled!! The photos do not do it justice. She sent me a scissors holder...with my initials on it...and scissors!! She sent me my own needlebook....and a floss tag, as well as Dinky Dyes floss!! Thank you Sara...this was so much fun!! She posted what I sent her here.
Today for me has been spent pretty much down in my sewing room. I am re-organizing and also I can watch any DVD I want down there. I'm off in a bit to watch either Anne of Green Gables, or a 7th Heavern DVD. I have a comfy chair down there, and I will try and finish my blanket for my friend. Youngest is not feeling well, so is sleeping....a quiet day indeed.
Take care and enjoy your weekend...if anyone wants some snow...I can spare some!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

OH MY GOODNESS!! (edited to add more photos)


Snow, snow and more snow, again!! Today is sunny, but the forecast is more snow tonight, and again tomorrow...we could get up to 30 CM!! Wow!! It's only November!!! I've already got a list for DH for today...just incase we don't get out tomorrow. My daughter is supposed to work early tomorrow morning, but she is going to talk to her boss today...she lives the farthest away, and if we get all that snow, there is no way she can get in!! She can probably change her shift for later in the day.

I took a couple of photos of our back deck earlier this morning......and one of youngest DD ready for school....also, my oldest got her grad proofs back....I filled out the order and she'll pass it in today...this is a photo of a proof, so not great, but I think she's beautiful!!

I decided to add some photos of what I saw outside the basement door this morning....very pretty....

Have a nice day everyone!!


Thursday, November 20, 2008


Enjoy, it really is beautiful!


It wasn't supposed to snow was raining and then all of a sudden!!! This was this morning before the kids left for school!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I decided to hook up with Leslie's "Whatcha working on Wednesday" again.

I decided to get my Christmas mugs out. Except for two of these that my mom gave me, the rest are yearly china mugs from Scotland! Each year, since 1999, my friend Liz in Scotland sends me one of these mugs, from Aberdeen Scotland! Aren't they just gorgeous!! I love to take them out in November and use them each day. Each one is different and dated. I added the two china mugs that my mom gave me for now, but in a couple of years it will be all the mugs from Liz. This is something I treasure each Christmas. I'm not sure why the bottom photo is blurry!

Speaking of Christmas, it just started to snow again!! Any that we got last night disappeared and up until about 10 minutes ago it was raining....

Anyway, not much else is going on with me today...just trying to get a few things done around here.

Take care everyone!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Kids go back to school, same old grind...
The weather forecast today is for snow.....ugh! I am so not ready for snow!!

I have to get ready in a bit for Blanket Club. Today it's my turn to bring lunch...I'm bringing spinach salad with poppyseed dressing, and ham and coleslaw sandwiches! My other cousin is providing dessert.

Yesterday was spent doing errands with the youngest two, and jacket shopping for them. Youngest did manage to get a jacket...but DS did tonight we will be out again while youngest is in gymnastics. We went to Subway for lunch...yum!

So, what is everyone else up to today? I know, no photos this post....sorry everyone! LOL
Take care

Monday, November 17, 2008


Isn't this cool? I took this on my back deck the other night!

Good morning everyone!! Thanks to all that have left a comment on my previous post!!! If you haven't done so yet, I'd love to still know WHO you are and WHERE you are from!!

It's a beautiful sunny morning here, but very chilly! Opposite in comparison to what we had all weekend....warm temps, rain and windy!!

My kids don't have school today, however my oldest is gone for the day...she's on a training for her job. Not sure what the other two and I will do. I know I do have to do some errands, including a trip to the grocery store.

I want to share some photos with you today. I have been working alot on the blanket I am doing for my friend. I would love to get this done by the end of the week, but not sure if I can. I want to give it to her, as a surprise, when I meet up with her in the next couple of weeks.

Also, I got some stash (cross-stitch) in the mail on Friday!!
I had ordered this from the LNS when I was there a few weeks ago, so anyway, it came in and I got two charts and the fabric to do both! I am anxious to start these, but want to get the blanket and also another chart done that I have well underway. Technically, the charts I got in the mail are kind of an early Christmas present to myself...heehee. And Sara, no more enabling me with all these cool charts you do! LOL Actually, when I start Creepy Crawly, I'll probably be asking you alot of questions!!

This is the chart I want to finish!!

Take care everyone....I hope you have a great Monday!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


As my friend Sara (Sara's Simple Stitching) did, I'd like to post this and if you read my blog, please, I'd love to know who you are and where you are from!!
Just leave a comment and let me know....please and thank you kindly!!


Friday, November 14, 2008

15 Things I'm NOT Afraid to Admit about myself!

I got this from Katy's blog, over at The Country Blossom, and thought I'd do this as a fun thing to share! BUT PLEASE READ MY OTHER POST FOR TODAY AS WELL!!!! THANKS!

1. I always put pepper on my eggrolls, it HAS to have pepper, or I don't like them! LOL

2. I always said if I didn't have kids by the time I was 30, I wasn't having any....I had all THREE of my kids in my 30's!!

3. My husband is the only long term relationship I ever had...and we met when I had just turned 27 and he 26. I dated lots, and had boyfriends for a few months, but never any longer.

4. I used to have names for every doll I ever had (I loved dolls) and I could probably still name them all, had my oldest daughter not be-headed and de-limbed them! (I rescued a couple) oldest does not like dolls! LOL

5. I got my very first bike when I was 11. (We lived on a big hill, I was an only child and my parents were over-protective). I loved that bike!!

6. Before I met Larry and got married, I lived in two apartment buildings, but 6 apartments....figure that out! LOL

7. I was called "Little Marion" when I was aunt was also was a bit embarrassing when I became several inches taller and many pounds heavier!!

8. I hate to cook meat of any kind. I do not really like to eat it either!

9. I was in grade 7 before I ever tried pizza!

10. When I was in high school, a bunch of us drove 100 miles to the city to go to MacDonald's for the first time! We went to three that day!! It was a very exciting time for us!!!! LOL

11. I didn't wear shoes much in the summer...ever....until I was about 16-17!! (weird, I know!)

12. I never used to eat the crusts of bread until I was about 13!!

13. I used to think that apple juice was a really wonderful treat!

14. I absolutely loved John Denver in high school.....

15. I was always afraid when the firebox for our street would sound out (meant the firetrucks would be coming!)...and "She Who Makes Waves"...if you are reading didn't help this situation! LOL.....(this blogger has known me most of my life...LOL)


LOL, thought this would be a good post, maybe I can get some ideas for her or some input, or basically tell me I've lost my mind for allowing this!!

My oldest daughter came to me with an idea, she thought it would be fun for her to have a "girl's night" and invite some of her friends...(she is almost 18, so we are looking at a few 17,18 year old grade 12 girls) and let my youngest (who is 11) invite a few of her friends the same night...and basically they would overtake the family room (downstairs) and her bedroom (also downstairs), and the downstairs bathroom, and have a "girls night". They want the young girls there, so they can do their nails, and give them mini makeovers! It has happened before that both my girls have had firends over at the same time and gotten along I have no fear of that. I think it would be actually fun for them. I told her to think about it....refine her plans, as to who she really wants and we would work out details....I will be putting some of my Christmas decorations up after Dec 1, so it would be nice if the family room was decorated for the party. She wants pizza, so we could have pizza, a fruit tray, a veggie tray and some snacks....I was thinking that maybe during the time they are here, I could make some cookies, so they would have some warm chocolate chip cookies...any other ideas anyone? I think it's important that I let the girls do oldest is graduating this year and who knows what next year will bring for her.

On another note, my oldest has been promoted to a supervisor at her part-time job!! I am proud of her, she showed leadership qualities and maturity in this job, so it works out well for her.

Have a great day everyone....I have no plans but to do housework and get my house in order for the weekend!!am

Again, would love to hear if you have any ideas for this sleepover party idea!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have been asked this on a previous post/comment....
My love of swedish weaving began two years ago....I was looking for some new craft to get into besides just cross-stitch....I was having lunch with my two cousins (they are sisters and a bit older than me) cousin mentioned she had tried "swedish weaving" and had a blanket on the go for quite some time. The other cousin and I were we agreed to meet at her house the following week.
We liked what we we got our supplies to get need two yards of Monk's Cloth (available at Wal-mart and most fabric stores) and some Red Heart yarn....usually we use the varigated, but have done it with single colours as well. You also need a blunt end darning needle. stitch the ends of the Monk's cloth...and throw it in the washer and shinks and you have a fringe at each end because of where you stitched....then you find the middle of the fabric and baste up the middle with a bright coloured thread.....then you find the center and start "weaving" your yarn through the Monk's Cloth and have a pattern!!
My cousin and I have done about 20 between us. We have seen them at craft shows around here for about $125.00 each! I would never, never sell one for anywhere near that!!
I get joy out of giving the blankets to my family..and now a friend....I'd like to have a few made to give to someone for a special occasion, etc..

Anyway, as a result of that initial meeting with my cousins...we now meet each Tuesday for "Blanket Club"!! It's been a wonderful experience and beneficial to all of us.
Take care everyone...I am off to get my mammogram this morning.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I'm joining up with Leslie today...I think I have my act in gear! LOL

I'm so tired today! I should be doing tons of things around here...including some painting, but I think I will content myself with a bit of work in the master bedroom, making a good supper for the family, and working on my Swedish weaving blanket for my friend!

I'm showing you some photos of the walls, etc in the master bedroom. I had to change a few things around, as our generator panel is on one of the walls in the bedroom and we finally go around to enclosing it...this made the way I had the walls done..not workable, so I moved a few things.

Also showing you this.....the book was my grandmother's! Jo's Boys! I like displaying it like this on the small table.

Our wedding photo, and photos of the kids..... blanket...I am in a rush to get this's a surprise for my friend, and I may be meeting up with her in the next couple of weeks.

What's everyone else working on today?

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I just had an email from a wonderful lady that looked after my mom after my dad passed away. This lady is only a few years older than me, and with her sister and best friend, they provided 24/7 care for my mom, who could not be left alone after dad was gone. Anyway, this woman is the picture of health, always looks after herself, goes for checkups...etc...eats healthy...and she now has breast cancer. She is having an operation on Monday, followed by radiation. Her attitude is incredible as always, she has wonderful faith and family support, but I will continue to keep her in my prayers and if you are inclined to do so.....wish you would as well. She is an amazing lady.

Thank you!

Friday, November 7, 2008


So sorry, life just seems to get in the way sometimes!

It's been a rather busy, but good week.

Today DH took off from work (he's independant for a company, so can do this on occasion) and we went out to do some errands. We got some paint for our hallway, and also some for our son's ceiling. We are SLOWLY redoing all the rooms. I am so excited!! I have a goal as to what I want to get done before Christmas, it isn't alot, but it will be a nice start!!

Anyway, we also managed to get his mom's Christmas present...a giftcard to Applebee's. She really likes Applebee's and she can use it here or in Florida, when she goes there in January! She is a very hard person to buy for, so I think this will be perfect and enjoyable for her! heehee

Tonight is a VERY foggy night...and very mild. It is just ds and I at home at the moment, so it's quiet, I have my latte and a candle going, and am going to work on my friend Betty's blanket for a bit. My oldest daughter will be home from work in a couple of hours and dh will be home later as well. My youngest is spending the night at her friend's house.

I just got a call a few minutes ago from my LNS!! (Local Needlework Store). Only, my LNS isn't so local...LOL...anyway, the patterns I ordered have come in, so they are going to mail them to me, plus the fabric for one!! I am going to make this a Christmas present to myself. I really like these patterns. Actually, the one with the casket I first saw on my friend Sara's blog, and knew I had to have it! LOL

Tomorrow will be another busy day. I have to pick up youngest dd early and we are planning on going shopping. There is some kind of "shopping spree" at the Community Centre, not sure what it's all about, but I want to check it out.

I am showing you a photo of an afghan that I got earlier this week. (Yes, it's very bright, it's the one with the pink in it, and the lion on top) When I was at my cousin's on Tuesday, she had a pile of things for me to go through (she's all for recycling, passing on...etc) and she brought this out. The story behind this is kind of fitting for who got the afghan. My cousin befriended an elderly gentleman years ago....she met him when she was learning to play the piano...he was a wonderful dancer, but his wife did not dance. She (my cousin) would dance with him...eventually his wife passed away, and this man considered my cousin like a daughter. (He has 4 sons). Fast forward about 20 years...this man is still alive at the age of 95!! He suffered a heart attack in August and isn't doing so well at the moment. However, this afghan was made by his wife and this gentleman gave it to my cousin when he was moving out of his house into a senior place. She kept it, but hadn't really used it....

This man entered my life three years ago. When I moved my mom into a private nursing home (5 patients) was because of my cousin...she told me about this place, in my community...because this man lived/lives there. Each day I visited my mom, I would visit with him...fascinating that time he was 92..... He took a real liking to my youngest daughter Sara...and always had lots of questions for her, when she visited. My daughter Sara is the recipient of this afghan, and I know this gentleman would be very pleased at that. He would not remember us now...his memory, sadly is fading. He was such a wonderful, smart gentleman.

He enriched my life when I visited my mom, especially on the days my mom was very quiet and I would have been just quietly sitting with her.

Do have a great evening everyone!!