Monday, June 23, 2008

Week-end fun!

We had a really busy weekend.......Friday night I took a couple of photos out in our backyard of our oldest DD and our's one to share with you.

On Saturday, youngest DD had a Birthday party to attend...on a Pirate Ship Cruise!! How fun is that! Oldest DD and I walked along the waterfront and had tea while we waited for the ship to dock. While we were waiting for them, we could hear the kids out in the harbour! LOL They were having a ball!!

Here they are just leaving the dock:

Here they are out in the Harbour...the sails haven't been put up quite yet.

Anyone remember the kids show from years ago..."Theodore Tugboat"? Well, it was based in our city, and here is Theodore......he now gives tours of the Harbour...LOL

And last, but not least....a shot of a small part our our beautiful waterfront.

You can see one of our two bridges in the distance.

Have a great evening everyone........




Colleen said...

What beautiful photos, Marion. Glad you had such a memorable weekend :)

Have a great week!

Simply Heart And Home said...


Your evening sounds wonderful! That pirate cruise must have been so much fun! All they needed was Capt. Jack Sparrow! :)

And tea with your daughter! Can life get better?



Simply Heart And Home said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. Tildy sends hugs back. I hope you get some rest too!