Wednesday, June 18, 2008

IT'S HUMP DAY AGAIN!!! And a bit of gratefulness!!!!

Here it is the middle of the week AGAIN! I had hoped for a post of my little garden today, but it's raining, and not the best day for photos! Cross your fingers for tomorrow!

Yesterday morning I was off to the Vet's with our dog again....she injured herself on Monday...she's 10 and forgets that she is getting older....anyway, she must have bruised her leg at some point and was limping, so she's back on medication.
Seems like it has been one thing after another recently with her...after being so healthy for ten years!!

I would like to take this time to thank my blogger friends.....the past few months I have "met" such wonderful ladies, and I look forward to reading your blogs each day...I try to comment, sometimes time does not permit this, but THANK YOU...I feel like each of you have become a good and valued friend and most days look so forward to checking out your blogs. Thank you to my lifetime friend "She who makes waves"...for introducing me to the world of Katy for your wisdom beyond your years and sharing your wonderful family with us, to Colleen for your wonderful, kind comments to my blog and for sharing your family with Gina....I love reading your daily postings and thank you for all your comments on my blog! Also, to Leslie...where would we all be without your craftiness!!! You inspire us! To Wendy, I want to come live in your house, or YOU come decorate mine!! And to all the other ladies whose blogs I so greatly enjoy! Thank you for sharing a little bit of your lives with us!!!
Have a great day everyone!!


Leslie said...

Awwww....Marion, you are too kind! :)

I really enjoy blogging because it's not just about sharing about's about learning about others. You really get to see inside others lives and get to know them so personally! :) There are so many wonderful people out there!

Hope your dog is better and stays healthy for a bit!


Colleen said...

Oh, Marion -- that post just went right to the heart. I too look forward to checking in with you all, and it is so heartening to know that there really are wonderfully kind and generous people out there.

I hope your dog will be feeling more like herself soon. Maybe then you'll start feeling better too...

She Who Makes Waves said...

What a kind and sweet gesture! I enjoy reading yours and others postings but it is yours that keep my heart at home! Thank you for that!

Simply Heart And Home said...


You are such a sweetheart. You are welcome to come visit any time! I mean that too! :)

You may want to wait until Tildy is broken in (or I am!)