Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Morning....

So here it is 10:15 and I have been up, done two loads of laundry, gone for groceries and went to yard sales! LOL And I will be leaving again before noon....not getting back until at 7 tonight!

Leslie over at My Country Home taggged me, so here goes....

1. Five things I do for myself:

1. I meet with my cousins once a week for crafts, lunch and conversation
2. I spend time working on my cross-stitch or swedish weaving each is a wonderful relaxing time.
3. I go for massage therapy when I can...she's a friend and is fantastic
4. I try and look after myself as best I can.
5. I find time to relax so that I can be energized when the family is around.

2. Five kind things I do for Friends, my children or partner:
1. I love to surprise my friends when I find little thing I know they will like...I buy it and give it to them.
2. I do the same as the above for the kids.
3. I like to take each child out individually with me for some quality alone time.
4. I try and find things that hubby likes (he's hard to surprise) and give them to him...or cook favourite meal for him
5. I always try and call my long distance friends on a regular basis.

3. Five kind things I've done for strangers:
1. I always hold the door open for them.
2. I always try to smile at strangers.
3. sometimes I will take a cart back to the corral for them, at the grocery store or Wal-mart
4. I will let them get ahead of me in line if they only have a few the checkout.
5. I've returned a lost wallet.

4. Five hobbies I enjoy:
1. cross-stitch
2. swedish weaving
3. playing the piano
4. reading
5 drawing

Happy Saturday to you all! I do have another tag, which I will to tomorrow.



Simply Heart And Home said...


What a sweetheart you are! :)

I'm not too good about doing things for myself. I don't think I could name 5 things. I know I need to do better.

I am exhausted! This puppy is wearing me out. I'll try to visit here when I can but I've tried twice already today and finally was able to post. I just hope this puppy gets housebroken soon!


Colleen said...

How was your crazy busy weekend, Marion? Fun ... I hope.

Your meme was so uplifting to read. Thanks for sharing it :)

Have a lovely week...