Thursday, June 12, 2008


Well, to begin with, I'm having a really hard time getting a good photo of this you will have to use your imagination a looks better in person than the photos!!

The story behind this little photo.....this is my uncle, my mom's oldest brother, who would be turning 100 this year! He never married and he passed away in his 60's, a year after my grandmother passed on...he always lived with her and looked out for her. Anyway, about 3-4 years ago, just before my dad passed away, and before my mom's alzheimers got the better of her, I was sitting in the living room at their home, and opened the drawer of one of her tables, where she kept some photos. I came across this little photo and asked her who the child was...she told me. I also asked my cousin after my mom's alzheimers had gotten worse and he too comfirmed that it was him. I love this little photo. It is the only "little child" photo that I know about...of any of the 8 kids, my mom being the grandmother had 8 children in 12 years and most likely only ever professionally had this, her oldest child done. I also have a photo taken of my grandmother, by the same photographer, probably on the same day.

Anyway, I just had it in my mind that I had to do something with this I bought a frame at Wal-mart that origionally had a white mat...and I got busy crafting it to look like it might be antique. I'm happy with it, and I am going to hang it with the antique photo I have of my grandparents. I just felt like this photo was a "lost little soul" that had to be hung in my home.

I remember my uncle well, and he was a kind, gentle soul

So ladies, that was my project for today! Leslie has inspired me to use what I have, and make things! So Leslie, if you are reading this...thank you!!



Simply Heart And Home said...

What a sweet sad story! You did a beautiful job with that picture. The frame does look antique!

Have a lovely day!

Colleen said...

What a special, sweet story, Marion. Thanks for sharing. Happy Weekend!

Niki said...

Hi there. Found you thru Katy. Just wanted to say HI :) Hugs!

Leslie said...

What a great story and a wonderful way to display that picture :) Beautiful!

I'm really happy that I helped you in some way! Wow! I have heard this a lot lately and I just don't know what to say.....I'm just happy that my crazy mind and ideas have helped inspire others to rethink and take a second look at things they have!



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