Friday, June 27, 2008


Gosh, I haven't done a post since Monday!!!! Bad, bad blogger!! LOL It's been a VERY busy week, and i just didn't take the time to go downstairs to the main computer and blog and upload my photos. My youngest, who turns 11 next week, had her party early....a sleep over! Four invited.....four came...three stayed all night. It was a Hannah Montana party......I'll post photos later today.
Also, my other two had friends sleep over this week! Today is grading day!!! They go long enough to get their report cards...then summer vacation!!!! Not sure if I'm ready for it...considering how busy this past week was...but nothing I can do about that! LOL

I have been reading blogs this week...didn't comment on alot...but I have been by for a visit!

Anyway, must go...will be back around later with photos!!


Colleen said...

Here comes Summer! I hope vacation will bring a little break for you, Marion -- though I imagine you'll be extra busy soon. Let the fun begin!

Have a great day, my friend...

Simply Heart And Home said...

I think you will ease into summer just fine! Take time to have a cup of lemonade in the shade of your beautiful trees!