Wednesday, June 11, 2008


And so it is Wednesday, "hump day". Gloomy, warm and a bit muggy outside.
I am kind of at a stand still today. I'm waiting on an electrician and someone else to come and service our generator. We had a generator put in 17 months ago. We decided it would be worth our while after living through a hurricane and without power for 7 days, back a few years ago. So...long story short, our generator did not pass inspection by the Power company....the company we got the generator from had done a couple of things incorrectly...and here we are months later, after many phone calls, promises from the company, etc...waiting on these guys to FINALLY come and do what they have to! It's been an agonizing process and needless to say, we will not be recommending this company to anyone else! Anyway, since I don't know when today they are coming, I can't go anywhere, and since they will be here for 3-4 hours they will probably have the power shut off, so preparing dinner now is not an option (I'm not complaining about that part of it...haha)..I think maybe I will take advantage of this situation and do some stitching.
Have a great day everyone!


Colleen said...

How frustrating, Marion! I hope you can find something enjoyable to do while you wait ... and wait ... and wait.

This Country Girl said...


It never fails when I'm waiting around for a time that a repairman or someone else to come like that, they never come when they say and I end up waiting all day! At least you get to do something you love to do while you wait...and no cooking!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

~ Tammy

Simply Heart And Home said...


I hope that they came and did what needed to be done and fixed it! I'm sorry this happened to you.

I hope you had a nice dinner out anyway! :)



Wendy said...

Isn't it the pits to have to just sit and wait, you would think that we being the customer they would work on our schedules!!! Hope you had a great day crafting!!~Wendy