Thursday, June 19, 2008


A little "lighter" in topic than the previous one, but please take time to read it as well and comment....I'd love to hear if you are a "what if"person. LOL

I'd like to share a little bit of my yard with you today.....even though it is gloomy out, I decided to go take a couple of photos. (Excuse the long's been too wet to mow).

The first one is the back yard...I am slowly getting a few plants planted that like shade.....this area will be perfect for a lawn swing some day (I like to dream that it will anyway!)

Next...this is a crane that is just up the road from us.....they are putting in a modular home today....kind of neat....just saw the first half of the house go by. Once the kids get home we will drive by and see what it looks like.

Next is a shot of some of my lillies. This particular small bunch is important to me. Two years ago when I sold my parents home...and after all of the furniture had been moved, my son and I were walking through the house. I had a thought.....I wonder if I could take a lilly transplant and see if it would grow at my house! My mom and dad had lillies in their backyard....however, I had to do this so it wouldn't look like they were dug my son found a bucket and managed to dig up a small lilly that had a root...he said that was all we could get without it being we settled for that....last year it grew a bit more...this year it's looking very a little of my parents yard is growing in mine.

Have a great afternoon everyone!


Motherhood for Dummies said...

your lillies are lookin' good.

Simply Heart And Home said...

Your garden is lovely even when it is a bit soggy! I'm so glad that your lily "took". I love all your beautiful trees! Trees are a passion of mine!


Colleen said...

I love your lily, Marion -- for its beauty and significance...

Happy Friday!

Sharon said...

What beautiful pictures! Your yard is so pretty! Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope we can become blogging buddies!

:0) Sharon