Monday, June 30, 2008


We are experiencing not so summer like weather the past few days here. We do not even have our easy set pool up yet!! This is the latest it has ever been that we have not had it up!! So for that fact and the weather, it doesn't seem like summer!! I thought I'd take a photo of youngest clowning around on the deck...that's her new "Camp Rock" T-shirt she bought on her shopping spree. LOL

DH and youngest DD and I took our dog to the vet this morning for a follow-up, she's doing very well and quite playful, but we are monitoring the lump on her mammary gland and will have it removed in August, when we have had a bit of vacation, as the recovery time is two weeks, and ofcourse she comes with us when we go away overnight!

Don't these look yummy!!! DS made them last night when he was looking for something to do! They are just the slice and bake ones, but still very yummy and they disappeared pretty fast!!!
He likes to bake when he's dad did that as well...and was a very, very good baker!

Can you guess what our favourite berry is??????LOL We take FULL advantage of strawberry season around here! We have had bowls of strawberries, bowls with whipped cream, strawberry shortcake, strawberries and biscuits, strawberry crepes, you name it....we have had it.....and I am going to go get some more tonight, as tomorrow is a Holiday in Canada...have to stock up!!


On that note, I will end and go get a few strawberries to tide me over until supper! I would also like to thank my blogger friend Zandra.....for the wonderful ideas and recipes she sent me!! I don't feel like I am sinking in boring food for my kids...(I have two kids that do not eat meat).

Have a great day everyone!!!



Simply Heart And Home said...

Those strawberries look so delicious. I'd love to plant some next year.

I'm glad your puppy is doing better. Tildy has her first vet visit Wednesday evening. I posted a new picture of her today! She still is so tiny!

Have a lovely afternoon


Colleen said...

Your strawberries look divine, Marion! We are still waiting for a dry day to go picking. Everyone is getting rather impatient because we all LOVE our strawberries too :) The Baking Beauties have a delicious strawberry muffin recipe on their blog if you're looking for something new to try...

So glad to hear your doggy is doing better. I hope she continues to do well.

Hopefully summer will arrive soon for you all. Have a good night!

She Who Makes Waves said...

I still bake your Dad's cookies! They are the bestest ever1

It reached 31 today! Third day in a row! I am grumpy...can't sleep in the heat! I'm sendng it your way!

Happy Canada Day !

Anonymous said...

Everything looks really yummy!