Sunday, June 29, 2008


Time flies by SO fast!!! This past week has been incredibly busy, and I think we are adjusting to school being out for the summer as will all fall into a routine shortly ( I hope!!).

I want to share some photos that I had promised earlier........

On Wednesday, my daughter had her Birthday party early...she won't actually turn 11 until this coming week. BUT, she wanted a sleepover, so 3 girls came home with her on the bus, and one got dropped off....three stayed all left at 9pm. They had a Hannah Montana party! LOL We had Hannah Montana Balloons,

We had Hannah Montana napkins and plates, we had Hannah Montana presents....and we had an.........ELMO dairy queen cake!!!LOL Yes, DD also loves Elmo!!

Yesterday I took her shopping to spend her Birthday money, which is what she wanted from us, and also she got money from two friends...we had a blast! This is her in her Hannah Montana jacket and purse...the jacket she got from her best friend for a birthday present...notice a theme here...LOL

We left early...went for breakfast and hit the mall as it opened. She got some great bargains at The Disney Store (who can resist 4o percent off the sale price, especially if it is High School Musical!)...this is what she purchased there...

.....and she went to all her other favourite is is at home with some of her loot!!

Today proves to be a quiet one so far, and I do hope it stays that way!! I plan on enjoying some strawberries which are just coming into season here...and a favourite of all of ours!!

And to end, we now are officially into summer vacation, and since the kids got out of school on has RAINED!! We do not even have out easy set pool up yet!!! Summer weather....where are you????

Take care everyone and have a great Sunday!!


Mom of TWO Princesses said...

Aww, happy (early) birthday to your DD! She's beautiful and it looks like she had a great party & got lots of great things!

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little bargain hunter! It sounds like you had quite a lot of fun out together. Your photos are a hoot.

Those strawberries look irresistible, Marion! Our local pick your own farms opened mid-week, but the weather hasn't cooperated here either. Strawberry picking day will have to wait..

I hope you have a lovely fun and quiet day today -- and thanks so much for the sweet birthday wishes :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I will for sure come back and visit yours! Your kids look very cute :)
Have a great evening~

ps- those strawberries are making my mouth water!!

Anonymous said...

The party looks great, i am 16 and still love watching hannah montana! your girl is very cute =D

Katy said...

Wow! Happy Birthday to her! My daughter LOVES hanna montana too (and high school musical...and she is only this normal? LOL)

I am glad she had fun shopping and i LOVE DQ cakes!!! YUM!

Simply Heart And Home said...

Your daughter looks so happy! She did get some nice loot! :)

You know I've never seen Hannah Montana on tv. I did hear her song on the radio once or twice. Love the Elmo cake! Yum!

Have a lovely strawberry day!