Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I'm joining up with Leslie today...I think I have my act in gear! LOL

I'm so tired today! I should be doing tons of things around here...including some painting, but I think I will content myself with a bit of work in the master bedroom, making a good supper for the family, and working on my Swedish weaving blanket for my friend!

I'm showing you some photos of the walls, etc in the master bedroom. I had to change a few things around, as our generator panel is on one of the walls in the bedroom and we finally go around to enclosing it...this made the way I had the walls done..not workable, so I moved a few things.

Also showing you this.....the book was my grandmother's! Jo's Boys! I like displaying it like this on the small table.

Our wedding photo, and photos of the kids..... blanket...I am in a rush to get this's a surprise for my friend, and I may be meeting up with her in the next couple of weeks.

What's everyone else working on today?


Simply Heart And Home said...

So lovely, Marian, your room and your blanket. And I loved reading Jo's Boys! :)


Leslie said...

The blanket is beautiful and really coming along quickly! When I saw how it looked when you first started, I thought it would take forever. Am I wrong or are you just really fast at this stuff?

Have a wonderful day!


mumzy said...

That blanket is "Beautiful". I am wondering what yarn you are using. What a nice way to display your grandmother's book.

Nen said...

what is swedish weaving??

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

What a fabulous book! Oh you lucky girl.

Your blanket looks great. Lucky friend!


Kathy A. said...

Lovely job on your afghan Marion. what color wool are you using? Must find the photos of mine to share with you soon.