Saturday, November 22, 2008


Well, we got LOTS of snow over night, and it is actually snowing again now (after being sunny for a few hours!). This morning there was SO much snow....we couldn't open the front door...I got
the basement door open, as it opens in....let our dog out and she got stuck!!! She was so not impressed! DS and DH have been out clearing the walkways and driveways for hours, and just took our daughter to the bus stop down the road for work....she was supposed to work at 9am, but we were in the midst of the storm then, and besides nothing, including where she works was open then!

There is a bright spot today though....DH checked the mail, which we didn't get to do yesterday, and there was my matchbox exchange from Sara! I cannot get over her stitching....I always new she was a fantastic stitcher, and this proves it.....I was spoiled!! The photos do not do it justice. She sent me a scissors holder...with my initials on it...and scissors!! She sent me my own needlebook....and a floss tag, as well as Dinky Dyes floss!! Thank you Sara...this was so much fun!! She posted what I sent her here.
Today for me has been spent pretty much down in my sewing room. I am re-organizing and also I can watch any DVD I want down there. I'm off in a bit to watch either Anne of Green Gables, or a 7th Heavern DVD. I have a comfy chair down there, and I will try and finish my blanket for my friend. Youngest is not feeling well, so is sleeping....a quiet day indeed.
Take care and enjoy your weekend...if anyone wants some snow...I can spare some!!


mumzy said...

Wow, what a treasure of things you got in the exchange.

No, I do not want any more snow. We got a couple of inches but DH has a John Deere tractor with a plow and a snow blower and so, is out there playing "cleaning out the driveways" with his tractor. Men!

Hope your DD is feeling better soon.

Simply Heart And Home said...


Snow, please send some my way! It is cold today but no snowflakes in sight. We did have flurries the other day but that is all.

What a delight to share needlepoint treasures with a friend! I wish I could do needlepoint but it is definitely not my gift.

I would love to exchange real addresses with you if you'd like to and send you a Christmas card and such. If you'd like to, please send me an email at

Wishing you sunshine,


Shelleen said...

you can keep the snow, we have a few inches here and don't need anymore :-)

Sandy said...

The exchange is beautiful. She did a great job on it.

I'd send a truck up for the snow but I think it may melt on the way back down here. Sorry you're getting pelted with it. It's pretty until it gets annoying I'm sure. Poor dog.

Colleen said...

It's beautiful, but you can keep the snow for now, Marion! I have a feeling we'll be getting our fair share here soon enough. It's COLD!!!

To answer your question, I buy pumpkin pie spice at the grocery store or Wal-Mart. McCormick makes a small jar and there's another brand that comes in a taller jar with a brown lid. I hope that helps...