Saturday, November 29, 2008

Still here!!

Gee, I haven't updated all week!!!!
First of all, I picked a bad week to have giveaways, but I did draw Sandy's name for the bookmarks!! Sandy, I'll email you in a bit for your address. As for the cross-stitch chart...I'll repost that later next week, and if you want to have it, great....but please remember, it's just the chart, and in your comment, please tell me if you want the chart! :) Thanks...

Well, it was a busy week. And a very nice week weatherwise! That's part of the reason I didn' update the blog...the weather has been spring like!

I've been thinking about the holidays alot....I'll do a post on that probably tomorrow....

I did get productive today and made two window toppers for my back door...Christmas fabric! I'l take a photo of those later and post it. I have one more left to do for the front door. Our tree is in the family room...not decorated yet though, and other than a couple of smaller decorations, I haven't dug out the majority of the Christmas will get done in the next few days though.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another nice day, so I think that DH and I and probably youngest DD are going away for a few hours. I have a couple of Christmas gifts I want to pick up.

I had a really good experience Christmas shopping today. I went to buy a Hoodie that my DS said he had liked...there was a sale going on in the store, plus no tax. I asked what the $1.00 sale was and the manager said it was on certain items in the one..get another for $1.00. I asked him if the Hoodie was part of that, he said no, sorry, only the sections that had the sign above the racks (made sense)....anyway, I said I wanted the Hoodie anyway, and still wanted to look around...he said he'd put the Hoodie at the counter. It was really busy in there today, and when I went to pay for it, the people had died down somewhat...the manager said for me to pick out another Hoodie of a certain rack he pointed to...and he'd give it to me for a $1.00! I thought that was so nice....because he knew I was going to buy the other one anyway, and he really didn't have to do that!! I now have two Hoodie's for DS for Christmas!! Made me feel really good that there are people like that out there.

Anyway fellow bloggers, I will end for now and be back tomorrow with photos and a new post!!
Have a great evening!

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