Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday morning....this and that....

Good morning!!
It's another sunny day here in Eastern Canada!! Yippee!!

Today I am cleaning and decluttering!! I was going to start in youngest DD's room,but decided to start with our room. I am in the mood to get rid of clothes I haven't worn in a's such a nice feeling! I will not finish today, but have gotten a good start!
I'm showing you a photo of a tiny part of the room that is organized. We are planning on painting over these walls's not first on the agenda, but will get done sometime in the next few well as new curtains.....anyway, this bureau was my dad's. I use it for my clothes now. The wooden box on top of the bureau was given to me by my grandmother when I was 4 years old (she wrote it on the bottom). Inside I just have some things my mom had put in there....but one thing which I find kind of neat is a letter that my grandmother wrote to my mom when I was about 2 years old. Keep in mind, my grandmother only lived 8 miles from my mom! She knew that mom liked to get mail, so she wrote her a letter and basically told her what was going on that day, and she included a quarter for me and some thread and button holders for my mom's coat. My mom still has the button holders my gram made in that letter! And the extra thread! I think that's so neat. I love little bits of history like that.

I started a new Swedish Weaving Blanket yesterday! This one is for my friend Betty. No special occasion, so no real hurry to get it done. She's one of those friends that is very special. She lives over 100 miles from me, but at one time many years ago, we were roommates. She is a giver...and has done so much for me over the years, it's nice to be able to give HER something just because. I think she will like it.

I'm also showing you my youngest on Halloween. She got alot of goodies. I drove her and her friend around....she told me where she wanted to go. They had alot of fun and gave up before 8, they were exhausted!!

AN UPDATE on the girl that was living with us....I talked to her yesterday when I drove her to town. I told her she could stay until November 15. I was just a little concerned that the dates were getting delayed, etc. She said she was thinking about things and wanted to try and work things out with her dad, so she called last night and said she was going to try and stay with him. At least she knows she CAN come back here during those two weeks, and also, knowing it is only two weeks might do both her and her dad good...and maybe they will work things out.
My heart goes out to her.

Anyway, I must get back to cleaning!!
Have a great day everyone!

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Leslie said...

Good luck with the cleaning and all of that. Cute story about the dresser and the letter and everything :) I like little things like that, too.

Good news about the house guest. I hope she and her family can resolve things and everything works out for her :)

Have a great day!