Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Kids go back to school, same old grind...
The weather forecast today is for snow.....ugh! I am so not ready for snow!!

I have to get ready in a bit for Blanket Club. Today it's my turn to bring lunch...I'm bringing spinach salad with poppyseed dressing, and ham and coleslaw sandwiches! My other cousin is providing dessert.

Yesterday was spent doing errands with the youngest two, and jacket shopping for them. Youngest did manage to get a jacket...but DS did not...so tonight we will be out again while youngest is in gymnastics. We went to Subway for lunch...yum!

So, what is everyone else up to today? I know, no photos this post....sorry everyone! LOL
Take care


mumzy said...

Yum on the spinash salad with poppyseed dressing - can I come over too? LOL

Argh on the snow. We are having a not too bad day here - a bit cloudy and cold but I won't complain as no snow here today.

I'm helping DH on our renovations today - it is slow going as we have been losing time going to Moncton to visit his mother in the hospital and trying to help DD in her moving.

Also I would like to say that the picture of the shining waters is so lovely.

Simply Heart And Home said...


Your lunch sounds scrumptious! I hope you have a lovely time.

I'm busy baking today.

No snow here yet but it sure looks like it.



Colleen said...

We had our first glimpse of snowflakes today! It was just a few, but I have a feeling that winter will arrive early here in Maine this year. I hope we can avoid snow for a while yet though ... at least until December.

I hope you enjoyed your Blanket Club gathering today, Marion. It sounds like such a nice time to recharge.

Leslie said...

Sounds very yummy! Everything sounds great after being sick. I'm starving for everything!

I really don't let those people get to me....well, not a lot. Like I said, I'm just baffled sometimes! I just sit and wonder how people can be so rude and not even think about it? Especially when they're not always in the position to tell you! LOL

Have a great day :)