Friday, November 14, 2008

15 Things I'm NOT Afraid to Admit about myself!

I got this from Katy's blog, over at The Country Blossom, and thought I'd do this as a fun thing to share! BUT PLEASE READ MY OTHER POST FOR TODAY AS WELL!!!! THANKS!

1. I always put pepper on my eggrolls, it HAS to have pepper, or I don't like them! LOL

2. I always said if I didn't have kids by the time I was 30, I wasn't having any....I had all THREE of my kids in my 30's!!

3. My husband is the only long term relationship I ever had...and we met when I had just turned 27 and he 26. I dated lots, and had boyfriends for a few months, but never any longer.

4. I used to have names for every doll I ever had (I loved dolls) and I could probably still name them all, had my oldest daughter not be-headed and de-limbed them! (I rescued a couple) oldest does not like dolls! LOL

5. I got my very first bike when I was 11. (We lived on a big hill, I was an only child and my parents were over-protective). I loved that bike!!

6. Before I met Larry and got married, I lived in two apartment buildings, but 6 apartments....figure that out! LOL

7. I was called "Little Marion" when I was aunt was also was a bit embarrassing when I became several inches taller and many pounds heavier!!

8. I hate to cook meat of any kind. I do not really like to eat it either!

9. I was in grade 7 before I ever tried pizza!

10. When I was in high school, a bunch of us drove 100 miles to the city to go to MacDonald's for the first time! We went to three that day!! It was a very exciting time for us!!!! LOL

11. I didn't wear shoes much in the summer...ever....until I was about 16-17!! (weird, I know!)

12. I never used to eat the crusts of bread until I was about 13!!

13. I used to think that apple juice was a really wonderful treat!

14. I absolutely loved John Denver in high school.....

15. I was always afraid when the firebox for our street would sound out (meant the firetrucks would be coming!)...and "She Who Makes Waves"...if you are reading didn't help this situation! LOL.....(this blogger has known me most of my life...LOL)


Colleen said...

That sure was fun to read, Marion! And the "girls' night" party sounds like loads of fun, too. How sweet of your oldest to suggest it ... and how lovely of you to agree.

Katy said...

Thanks so much for doing this!!! :) I enjoyed reading them! Gosh...I can't believe it took you THAT long to try pizza!!! LOL

mumzy said...

Very interesting blog. Some of these things brought back memories of my own younger days.

Alexandra said...

Who did you go to the city with in High School to go to McDonalds? here was I?

I never pulled the fire alarm in your area, I only did on the east side!

Nen said...

hahahha... 7th grade till you had pizza!!!? and McDonalds! LOL!... this list made me giggle!
you should check mine out... its a bit more incriminating than yours. hehe

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

How fun to read more about you! And I am not a bit ashamed to say that I still like John Denver. LOL
Just reading about pizza makes me want one right now. I'm so pitiful! LOL