Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is a busy day here. I'm off shortly to Blanket Club with my cousins, leaving there early to go to the school for parent/teacher meetings...then home here with the kids....gymnastics tonight for my youngest. I promised her I would stay for the whole meet tonight...I usually go shopping for a bit and then come back for the last 15 minutes. I don't mind staying for it all, I'm glad she wants me to....however, there are times when I can't see her, as they do different sections and some don't have a good viewing area from the parents room. I have some yarn I bought the other day, I think I will take it with me and start a scarf.....that will give me something to do when I can't see her.

Today is election day for all the US Bloggers! Exciting day! I imagine that my husband and myself will watch some of the coverage tonight.

I am pleased with the amount of decluttering I got done yesterday. I still have lots more to do, but I have a bag of clothes from my closet and also a bag of youngest DD's clothes (her and I went through her clothes last night) to take with me this morning for donation.

Tomorrow my son has no school. He is in grade 9 and each grade 9 student is encouraged to go with a parent, or someone that the parent approves of, (and has permission to do so) and go to work with them! So, he has decided to go to work with DH. DH is a salesman for a certain company and works independantly, so he has planned a day tomorrow for DS and himself. When my oldest DD was in grade 9, she job shadowed her dance teacher!

Anyway, do hope everyone has a great day!!
Anyway, t


Colleen said...

I hope you enjoyed and survived your busy day, Marion! We'll be glued to the election coverage tonight for sure!

mumzy said...

My, you did have a busy day.

DH and I had to go in to Fredericton for my annual checkup and to have a new muffler put on our Tracker.

I'm glad for you that your daughter wants you to attend her functions. Before long, they grow up and don't want parents around.

Have a great evening.

Simply Heart And Home said...


Decluttering....... I do it here and there. I have not bought anything clutter-able in quite a while. I don't need more "stuff"!

Have a lovely day!