Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have been asked this on a previous post/comment....
My love of swedish weaving began two years ago....I was looking for some new craft to get into besides just cross-stitch....I was having lunch with my two cousins (they are sisters and a bit older than me) cousin mentioned she had tried "swedish weaving" and had a blanket on the go for quite some time. The other cousin and I were we agreed to meet at her house the following week.
We liked what we we got our supplies to get need two yards of Monk's Cloth (available at Wal-mart and most fabric stores) and some Red Heart yarn....usually we use the varigated, but have done it with single colours as well. You also need a blunt end darning needle. stitch the ends of the Monk's cloth...and throw it in the washer and shinks and you have a fringe at each end because of where you stitched....then you find the middle of the fabric and baste up the middle with a bright coloured thread.....then you find the center and start "weaving" your yarn through the Monk's Cloth and have a pattern!!
My cousin and I have done about 20 between us. We have seen them at craft shows around here for about $125.00 each! I would never, never sell one for anywhere near that!!
I get joy out of giving the blankets to my family..and now a friend....I'd like to have a few made to give to someone for a special occasion, etc..

Anyway, as a result of that initial meeting with my cousins...we now meet each Tuesday for "Blanket Club"!! It's been a wonderful experience and beneficial to all of us.
Take care everyone...I am off to get my mammogram this morning.



the voice of melody said...

Oh, your blanket club sounds like a fun thing! I wish I knew what to do with yarn... No talent there for me unfortunately.

Hope your mammogram goes well. :)

Many sweet blessings!

mumzy said...

I, too, like to do the Swedish weaving. It is fun.

I'm due for my squeeze test soon. Hate those but where DD had breast cancer at 28 years old, doctors put me through that test every year now. Good luck with yours!