Friday, November 14, 2008


LOL, thought this would be a good post, maybe I can get some ideas for her or some input, or basically tell me I've lost my mind for allowing this!!

My oldest daughter came to me with an idea, she thought it would be fun for her to have a "girl's night" and invite some of her friends...(she is almost 18, so we are looking at a few 17,18 year old grade 12 girls) and let my youngest (who is 11) invite a few of her friends the same night...and basically they would overtake the family room (downstairs) and her bedroom (also downstairs), and the downstairs bathroom, and have a "girls night". They want the young girls there, so they can do their nails, and give them mini makeovers! It has happened before that both my girls have had firends over at the same time and gotten along I have no fear of that. I think it would be actually fun for them. I told her to think about it....refine her plans, as to who she really wants and we would work out details....I will be putting some of my Christmas decorations up after Dec 1, so it would be nice if the family room was decorated for the party. She wants pizza, so we could have pizza, a fruit tray, a veggie tray and some snacks....I was thinking that maybe during the time they are here, I could make some cookies, so they would have some warm chocolate chip cookies...any other ideas anyone? I think it's important that I let the girls do oldest is graduating this year and who knows what next year will bring for her.

On another note, my oldest has been promoted to a supervisor at her part-time job!! I am proud of her, she showed leadership qualities and maturity in this job, so it works out well for her.

Have a great day everyone....I have no plans but to do housework and get my house in order for the weekend!!am

Again, would love to hear if you have any ideas for this sleepover party idea!!


saras said...

what a great idea!! The younger girls will love that! :)

LoneStar said...

Howdy Marion,

You've been tagged! Stop by my blog and find out more.

Lisa (Texan)

Katy said...

What a fun idea!!! I bet it will be a blast! :)

Alexandra said...

I am not surprised at your daughter's promotion! I am sure she will experience many of those when she settles into a career!

The "girls night" sounds like so much fun! Will those be your Dad's chocolate chip cookies?