Friday, November 7, 2008


So sorry, life just seems to get in the way sometimes!

It's been a rather busy, but good week.

Today DH took off from work (he's independant for a company, so can do this on occasion) and we went out to do some errands. We got some paint for our hallway, and also some for our son's ceiling. We are SLOWLY redoing all the rooms. I am so excited!! I have a goal as to what I want to get done before Christmas, it isn't alot, but it will be a nice start!!

Anyway, we also managed to get his mom's Christmas present...a giftcard to Applebee's. She really likes Applebee's and she can use it here or in Florida, when she goes there in January! She is a very hard person to buy for, so I think this will be perfect and enjoyable for her! heehee

Tonight is a VERY foggy night...and very mild. It is just ds and I at home at the moment, so it's quiet, I have my latte and a candle going, and am going to work on my friend Betty's blanket for a bit. My oldest daughter will be home from work in a couple of hours and dh will be home later as well. My youngest is spending the night at her friend's house.

I just got a call a few minutes ago from my LNS!! (Local Needlework Store). Only, my LNS isn't so local...LOL...anyway, the patterns I ordered have come in, so they are going to mail them to me, plus the fabric for one!! I am going to make this a Christmas present to myself. I really like these patterns. Actually, the one with the casket I first saw on my friend Sara's blog, and knew I had to have it! LOL

Tomorrow will be another busy day. I have to pick up youngest dd early and we are planning on going shopping. There is some kind of "shopping spree" at the Community Centre, not sure what it's all about, but I want to check it out.

I am showing you a photo of an afghan that I got earlier this week. (Yes, it's very bright, it's the one with the pink in it, and the lion on top) When I was at my cousin's on Tuesday, she had a pile of things for me to go through (she's all for recycling, passing on...etc) and she brought this out. The story behind this is kind of fitting for who got the afghan. My cousin befriended an elderly gentleman years ago....she met him when she was learning to play the piano...he was a wonderful dancer, but his wife did not dance. She (my cousin) would dance with him...eventually his wife passed away, and this man considered my cousin like a daughter. (He has 4 sons). Fast forward about 20 years...this man is still alive at the age of 95!! He suffered a heart attack in August and isn't doing so well at the moment. However, this afghan was made by his wife and this gentleman gave it to my cousin when he was moving out of his house into a senior place. She kept it, but hadn't really used it....

This man entered my life three years ago. When I moved my mom into a private nursing home (5 patients) was because of my cousin...she told me about this place, in my community...because this man lived/lives there. Each day I visited my mom, I would visit with him...fascinating that time he was 92..... He took a real liking to my youngest daughter Sara...and always had lots of questions for her, when she visited. My daughter Sara is the recipient of this afghan, and I know this gentleman would be very pleased at that. He would not remember us now...his memory, sadly is fading. He was such a wonderful, smart gentleman.

He enriched my life when I visited my mom, especially on the days my mom was very quiet and I would have been just quietly sitting with her.

Do have a great evening everyone!!



Darlene said...

Hi and thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I have candles burning tonight as it is a bit chilly outside...LOVE candles! That blanket looks beautiful that you are making and I absolutely LOVE that Halloween picture and all the decorations under it...CUTE!!

Colleen said...

You sure have been busy, Marion! Today was freakishly balmy and foggy here as well. What is up with the weather?

Have a terrific weekend!

Simply Heart And Home said...

You have certainly been busy, Marion. Your handiwork is always so lovely. I enjoy seeing your work.