Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Katy from "The Country Blossom" suggested that anyone that wanted to tag themselves and do this..should...so I did..LOL

Five Unusual Things About Me....

1. I was 28 years old before I got my drivers license. I didn't feel I needed my license before that...I lived in the city and walked to work.

2. I always thought I had blue eyes....when in fact it depends on the day...some days they look blue, some days they look green.

3. The only "long term" relationship I've ever had is with my husband. I dated several guys, but only for a month or two or three until I met him. When I met him, it was different. He's a very honest person and I knew that from the first time we met.

4. I'm a very shy person until you get to know me. I talk alot when it's "one on one".....not overly comfortable in a crowd.

5. I never get bored. Maybe because I grew up an only child...I learned to amuse myself from a young age...I read, played with my dolls...etc..and as I grew I found other things to entertain myself. I don't remember the last time I was "bored".

If YOU want to do this...feel free...and let ME know that you did so I can read it!
(Taking this way of doing it from Katy)

Have a great day everyone!


Katy said...

Those are great facts about you Marion!!! I am so glad you participated!!!! :)

Grandma Julia said...

Now I feel like I really know you. LOL. I should try that trick myself. I would visit your blog again. Keep on posting.