Monday, April 28, 2008


I'm here, but just trying to get alot done's a gorgeous sunny day here, and not supposed to be sunny the rest of the week, so I am taking advantage of this gorgeous spring are open, laundry is hung out..more about to be hung out....just a nice day.

I'm also working in youngest DD's room. We are stripping off all the vinyl wallcovering that came with our home when we bought it years's all off...we will be eventually painting the walls and the ceiling and getting her a new bed...can't wait until it's all's a long processs.

I am hoping for some time outside this afternoon....with the breeze there are no flies around (did I mention I HATE flies!!!).....and supper will be easy....a BBQ, which DH will do later when he gets home and leftover cake for dessert.

We spoke with our oldest last night...she is on the last leg of her band trip...heading to Kittery, Maine today for shopping....anyway, yesterday they went to see The Blue Man group and they picked her to go up on stage with them!! She said it was awesome and they took a polaroid photo of her before she got off the stage and gave it to her!!!! What a wonderful memory/keepsake for her! I asked her if she liked New York or Boston better...she said of all the places they went she liked Salem, Mass. the best!!! I'll have all the details when she gets home tomorrow night! Can't wait to see her!!

Have a great day everyone!!!



Colleen said...

Sounds like you've had a lovely Monday. Doesn't it feel wonderful to get so much done -- especially when you can also enjoy the sunshine?

Kittery, Maine! It's a fantastic place to shop! We head down that way a few times a year, It's only about an hour from here. Too bad it was so rainy here today. Not so good for outlet shopping...

Have a great week!

She Who Makes Waves said...

Back tonight already! Seems like she just left. Maybe you could share a photo or two with us here, of her on her journey.

Wendy said...

It sounds like your daughter is having a wonderful trip! Spring is here but reminding us today of winter, back to 6 degrees today.

Simply Heart And Home said...


Your daughter will have so many stories and memories to share! What a wonderful opportunity this trip has been for her. I'm glad she is having a wonderful time!