Sunday, April 20, 2008


This is youngest with what was supposed to be purple hair! Next time we will go with the black and maybe then it will be purple! I like it and I think she is liking it more today...anyway it will be gone in a few shampoos.
Have a great day everyone!


Nancy said...

Marion, my dd did this with purple too and she had brown hair. It did the SAME thing! Last year, she wanted her hair fuschia pink. So, we went to a hair dresser to have it done. Well, we found out that especially with brown/dark hair, you have to bleach out the color first...then put in the color you want. So, just for the summer, we let dd do this. I'll have to show you a pic of it. It was so much fun for her. But, come 2 weeks before school, she had to color it back to a normal color (which I did for her). She's contemplating what color to do for this summer...maybe blue? ROFL


Simply Heart And Home said...

The red is beautiful. Very bright and such a cheery color. Not quite purple but still lovely.

She Who Makes Waves said...

She looks adorable! My friend J just had her blond hair died the same! If I was brave, I would go for it too! Looks bright, vibrant and dare I say sassy!

Katy said...

Awww, how fun!!! She is so cute! :)

I am so so so glad you are enjoying the Beverly Lewis books as much as I am!!!!! They are just full of simplicity and sweetness! When you are done the series you are on now...we should talk about it !!!! :)

Simply Heart And Home said...


Tuesday Morning stores are a store change that advertises discounted merchandise. That's about all I know. Maybe someone else knows more???