Friday, April 4, 2008



I didn't post yesterday, not sure why.....although it was a pretty uneventful day for the most part. We had HIGH winds yesterday, but it was sunny, so I decided to venture out and hit the bakery I love, which is about 50+ miles each way! The drive was really nice despite the wind, as I took the secondary highway and that provided shelter. My reason for going there (other than to please myself and family) was to pick up some goodies for my cousin who is returning from Florida with her husband next week. We have been using her house weekly to meet for Blanket Club, so her sister and myself decided that we would provide a meal for their homecoming. I picked some of her favourite sweets and but them in a container in my freezer...cousin J is going to make a casserole and biscuits and we will freeze the entire meal for their convenience. Just a little thank you for the use of the house. :)

Anyway, I do hope for a more interesting post later today, but for now....must get DD off to school and I have an appt later this morning.....

Have a great morning everyone!!
Take care


Katy said...

Glad you had a nice drive to the bakery (despite the crazy wind!!) Happy Friday! :)

Dani said...

I found your blog through Glad Tidings, I am a member of that like to cross stitch! so do I....and I love Mary Engelbrith also...please visit my blog when you have time...I have vintage fruit crate labels and old photos for you to snag about every day..