Monday, April 21, 2008


This is my back yard as of yesterday. I took this photo standing on our back deck (which is up high from the yard). We planted grass seed the other hopes for this yard....a fire pit....a trampoline for the kids and a lawn swing for moi! We have lived here for many years and our home/yard has undergone alot of changes....last fall we had our back yard cleared and I was thrilled!! I can't wait for the grass to grow (some already has) and for us to really enjoy the yard!!

This is the front of our home....and we are not that close to the road...we actually have a big front's just the way I was standing and took the photo! We also have a basement underneath, with a walkin door in the back....I'll take a photo of the back someday soon.

This is our garage and second driveway....that round gravel circle is our pool pad. We have an intel easyset pool that goes there in the was the only place we could put it..LOL...we've had it for about 7 years now.

The above is our beachstone/brick and gravel walkway in the front..coming from the driveway.

I have solar lights that look really nice at night.

And this is our side/back deck...goes from the driveway, around to the back, overlooking the backyard in the first photo.

Have a great day everyone!



Simply Heart And Home said...


Your home is lovely. When you grass comes in, it will be difficult to remain inside. You'll be sitting pool side or enjoying nature!

And I want to cordially invite you to participate in my Country Cookbook Giveaway. Please drop by when you have a moment.


Katy said...

I love your deck Marion!!!! What great photos! i love seeing your home!!! Thank you for sharing them with us! :)

Grandma Debby said...

Your home & yard is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside! And my goodness, what a deck!! Awesome!