Sunday, April 20, 2008


No, I haven't really been ignoring my blog...I've just had a really busy few days. I've been trying to get my oldest DD ready for her big band trip this coming week...getting last minute things for her to take, etc. She has also been having problems with "pains" in her stomach from time to time and I am hoping it's just nerves. So, if you can say a prayer and think kind thoughts for her I'd really appreciate it!! She is going to the Doctor tomorrow to see what she says. DD is prone to things like this when she is excited, but this time she will be in another country!! So I do hope nothing goes wrong!!

Also, yesterday youngest DD and I got our hair cut...and she wanted to dye hers purple (the kind that washes out in a few shampoos) well, we did that last night, but it isn't's kind of a brownish copper colour and I think it looks really nice, but IT ISN'T PURPLE, so DD isn't too happy with it..LOL...I'll see if I can get a photo of her today...she didn't want one taken last night.

I came down with this tension head ache, which I get once in a while and it's still with I'm hoping I can shake that today!!! I think it's just worrying about oldest DD and her not feeling 100 percent.

Anyway, that's about it for me...I'll be back to a regular Blog post hopefully later today or tomorrow at the latest.

Have a great Sunday everyone!!


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She Who Makes Waves said...

Why purple? I've seen pink that looks nice and blue strips that stand out! I would love to see a photo of her with her new style! She would fit right in with what I see in this city of a million people.

I hope the stomach pains are just nerves and the tension headache will subside when the stomach pains do. This is a big event for your daughter and a wonderful opportunity. I hope it all goes smooth and she comes back with tonnes of stories to tell.