Friday, April 25, 2008


This was this morning at my house!! Notice youngest in the bottom photo ready for school...LOL
Hard to believe that earlier in the week I was raking my grass, weeding my small garden, sitting outside reading and we had a BBQ!!!!! Snow, snow go away, come again another year!!!
I also had a phone call from oldest DD this morning...they were getting ready to head into NYC for the day!! She is having a blast so far....and they've got alot crammed into each day, so they are pretty tired by the time they get back to the hotels....tomorrow is another travel day...or at least part of it..they head to Boston...and to a Music Festival there...she said she will try and call again tomorrow morning.
Anyway, have a great day everyone!!!


Simply Heart And Home said...


Your daughter will have lovely weather today in NYC (I live in Northern NJ. My husband commutes into NYC each day). It is a perfect spring day.

I'm sorry to see all your snow. I hope it warms up soon.


Kimberly said...

As my African friends would say, "Sorry for you!" Hope the weather warms up again soon. We had a gorgeous day today, up in the 80s. BUT it's supposed to dip down and the high tomorrow is only going to be mid 50s :-( Sorry for me!

Colleen said...

Oh, how cruel to have more snow again!

Glad to hear that your daughter is having such a busy and memorable time in NYC!

Enjoy your weekend!

Katy said...

oh wow...not snow!! :( that stinks!!! i am so sorry Marion! i hope it goes away quickly!!!

I hope you are well!! i am thinking about you!!!
I am glad your DD is having a blast on her trip!!!

I hope you are having a lovely weekend my friend! xoxo

Lani said...

Yikes!! That's not very spring-like of Mother Nature. What a mean joke. Hope it's gone soon!