Sunday, March 30, 2008


The photos in this post are from the blanket I am making for youngest DD. It is my current swedish weaving project. I have made a lavender one for oldest DD and a brown one for my son...and each got their blanket on their Birthday this year....technically I don't have to finish this one until youngest DD's Birthday in July, but I will have it done by mid April probably and since she knows about it...I'll give it to her. I've also made a couple for our family room, and I have another on the back of my stitching well MIL got one for Christmas and neice got one for her Birthday last year....see a pattern here???? LOL Oldest DD requested that I make one for her boyfriend for Christmas this year, so I will. My cousin brings back the monk cloth from Florida for myself and another cousin...she gets it much cheaper than here in Canada. This is what we do weekly at BLANKET CLUB..(well we also eat and chat).

The second part of this post is a "THANK YOU" to all that have left comments on my blog! I LOVE seeing them and greatly appreciate each and every one!!

Thirdly, a random question that I will pose to each of you that read this, and if you have a comment on it...I'd love to hear. I have a set of "Golden Treasury of Knowledge" junior encyclopedias that I got many MANY years ago from my grandmother.
These pose no real use in todays world with computers..etc...they have been on a shelf in youngest DD's closet for quite some time...and I have put them in a rubbermaid container this question...what do I I toss them? Do I keep them? If I keep them, what would be the value of them other than the fact that my grandmother gave them to me? Your opinions for or against keeping would be appreciated!!!!

Have a great day everyone!



She Who Makes Waves said...

Your blankets look beautiful! You are very fortunate to have such a talent.

Maybe your daughter would like to have the books when she is older. Would you consider them to be a priceless treasure because they are from your Grandmother?

Sherri said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your blankets are beautiful. As for the books, you might check with an antique shop, rare book shop, etc. Collectors often look for such books. Of course, make sure none of your kids want them for the sentimental value first LOL

Nancy said...

Your blankets are gorgeous Marion!

The books. You could donate them to a school, church or something to that effect. We have encylopedias as well that are a LOT older and out of date, and we're going to donate them to the main library here.


Anonymous said...

Your blanket is beautiful! Treasures for your children and other family for sure. For the encyclopedia set, if your kids don't want them, you could maybe sell them on e-Bay. There's probably some collector out there that would pay a pretty penny for them.

Grandma Debby said...

That blanket is awesome, Marion! I would love to see pictures of some of the others you have made.

As for the books. Like the others, I'd see what they are worth and decide from there.

Cori Lewis said...

That blanket is AMAZING!!!!!! Wow it is really wonderful!

Anonymous said...

My grandmother did swedish weaving and I love it,,,nice blankets..did you know that the books graphics maybe of some value to altered art artists? Are these from the 50s? the graphics would be considered vintage....?