Monday, April 14, 2008


I feel this is a necessary post for me at this time. First of all, my kids are's just so hard being the parent sometimes! Yesterday I was going to meet oldest DD when she had a break from her work teaching swimming...her break is actually 4 hours, as she teaches in the morning, and again in the evening, so I decided I would pick her up and we would go shopping. Youngest DD was to come with us...HOWEVER, the one thing I had asked her to do was practice her piano for a few minutes!! Did she do it?? NO! She stalled and stalled and then I said "Fine, you are NOT coming with me!"......She was okay with that until she realized that I was serious, then the tears started, the begging and finally the promising to practice. I stood firm...and I left without her.....I was sad as I was driving to pick up oldest, but I knew I had made the right's just so very hard sometimes, isn't it! Oldest and I had a really nice time...we browsed a second hand shop, a book store, went out to lunch and then hit Wal-mart for some travel accessories for her trip next week. My oldest is going on a big band trip...she's going to the US!! Maine, Boston, and New York!! While in New York, they are going to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway!! Can this kid get any luckier! LOL She deserves it, they are a fabulous band and we are very proud of her. She plays the flute by the way.

Anyway, I just needed to vent a little on being the "mean mom" yesterday.
Take care
Have a great day everyone!!


Simply Heart And Home said...

Sometimes you have to put your foot down and then stick with it. You did good!
Congratulations to your daughter with the band trip. I saw Phantom in NYC and it is wonderful!
Have a lovely day.


Dianne said...


Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comments. I am always so tickled when someone visits and especially when its someone new.

I like your blog and I will keep visiting.

On your tough love with your younger daughter, I stand behind you 100%. The only way children learn is when we are consistent with our discipline. If you had relented, she would learn that all she has to do is beg and tease and eventually she would wear you down and she would win. The next time, you would have an even harder time to get her to do what you want. Your not mean, you are loving your daughter and teaching her what is right! Terrific job!!! Keep up the good work. I have 3 grown children and my two daughters are Pastor's wifes and are serving the Lord. My oldest daughter blogs and if you wish to check her sight which I feel is a wonderful blog. Her blog is I don't think you will be disappointed.

I visited Nova Scotia a few years ago and it is such a pretty place, you are fortunate to live there. I was born in Maine (Aroostock County) so not so far from where you live.

Congratulations on your daughters trip to New York, Boston, and the US. I hope she has an enjoyable time.

She Who Makes Waves said...

I bet she will definitely practice her piano the next time! It looks good on you sticking to your guns and she will be better off for it.

Stacy said...

Oh wow! The Phantom of the Opera has such pretty songs i just know she will have a good time! Going to see a broadway play, especially THAT play is on my lifes wish list =) I have yet to be in that stage of parenting, well, for the most part =p I hope when the time comes i can be as firm as you. Even though its hard you did the right thing =) More parents should be like you! *hugs* Dianna said "Your not mean, you are loving your daughter and teaching her what is right! Terrific job!!!" And i couldn't agree more =)

Katy said...

You did the right thing!! And i know what you mean! it is soooo hard to discipline sometimes!!!!