Monday, April 7, 2008


in the sky!!!! Could it be the sun!!!! We are in for a glorious week of sun! Do you know how rare that has been to us this year so far???? I am thrilled!!
My goals for today:
Laundry started
Go for a Walk
Paint the bathroom door
Back to de-cluttering youngest DD's room, so that we can redo the whole room (at the rate she clutters this will NEVER get done!!)
Cook chicken for supper
Make bread in my bread machine

I'll post later as to what I ACTUALLY accomplish today! LOL

Oh and ya gotta love teenagers....oldest DD wants to drive to school today (which she did, by the way) but wanted gas money from me to do so....her reasoning....HER money is for her band trip later this month! Sadly I had to say no, I didn't have any cash on me, and I really didn't.

Have a great day everyone!



Colleen said...

Oh the sun! It's out here today as well -- at last! It's so much easier to start the day when the sun is already shining...

We're in the midst of babies/preschoolers/first graders here. I can only imagine the teenage years!

Hope you're having a lovely,productive day. My list is similar to yours :)

Thanks for checking in with us again.

Cyndi Lewis said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I see we have a lot in common, including enjoying the return of the sun this spring. I also like to tour wineries and cheesemakers. (Can't stand to drink wine though- I guess I just don't have an educated palate.) I hope your day is productive. I have a long to-do list also that I probably won't be able to cross off entirely. Take care.

Katy said...

OH!!! how wonderful!!! Totally enjoy your sun today Marion!!! xoxo

Mrs. U said...

Doesn't sunshine make a world of difference!!! I get SO much more accomplished on sunny days!! Enjoy your walk!

Mrs. U

PS- You have a very lovely blog!!