Friday, March 14, 2008


Good morning everyone! I am heading out of here bright and early this morning.....I have a 9am Massage Therapy appt and then I am meeting my cousin and we are going on a road trip! LOL We are heading out to do a bit of shopping and driving about 60 miles in the process. Our main goal is to get to this wonderful bakery and have lunch at the cafe there....and stock up on goodies!!! I'll let you know what goodies I buy when we get back this afternoon....

Have a great day everyone!


I thought I would add that we had a great time...we got LOTS of goodies at the bakery and mine are almost GONE (that's what 3 kids and friends over do!!!)....I got biscuits, brown bread, two dozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookes, two dozen oat cakes, and one dozen ginger snaps! Yum! Judy and I had lunch at the cafe beside the bakery...I had salad, quiche and coconut cream pie...she had fish chowder, biscuits and was all very good!


She Who Makes Waves said...

Massage, bakery goodies....of course it is TGIF! Wish I was enjoying those things myself!

Katy said...

Hope you had a fantastic time Marion!!! And thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words on my artistic ability...I am just really not liking the pic i drew...i have to do it so fast (under 5 min) and it is looking so "flat"...i will keep practicing though!!! AGAIN, thank you so much! :)