Friday, March 21, 2008


Okay, so the kids had no school yesterday because of the ice storm, today we were all home, plus oldest DD had a friend here......I'm going a little stir crazy!! I am hoping (fingers and toes crossed) that I can get out of here tomorrow morning before anyone else is up....I'm heading for a tea, then to my favourite second hand shop to browse....Wal-mart for a couple of "decorations" for the Easter baskets and to pick up an Easter treat for the dog......take a nice country drive to my favourite little grocery store...then home!! Think this is possible??? I sure hope so. One thing that may hold me back is the fact that my new car only has summer tires on and we are still experiencing some winter weather......but the forecast sounds favourable.

At some point tomorrow DH is supposed to paint the ceiling in the kids bathroom. This is in dire need of getting done, so I hope he finishes it tomorrow....our big plans for later in the spring is to paint our bedroom and put laminate floors in it. I have a colour picked out for the walls....oldest DD refered to it as "pee on the wall"....LOL...but I love it! I can't wait to get that all done.

I'm just randomly blogging at this point, so I think I will end for now. I told youngest we'd watch a movie I'll get her inside to watch it.

Have a good evening everyone!!


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