Monday, March 24, 2008


Soooo..this bright and sunny morning youngest DD and I head out to do some shopping....I did have an alternate reason for going...oldest DD had her own plans, DS was working on his dirt bike and DH had the intentions of painting the bathroom ceiling in the kids bathroom. Now the time has come that we need to do painting...our house was planned and designed by us several years is unique in the fact that it is a mini home with a complete basement...about 2400 square feet up and down not too bad for a family of 5....anyway, as I said...the time has come that walls need to be painted and they haven't since this place was new (except for the basement, which was finished less than 2 years ago) DD and I head out.....decide to stop for some pleasant shopping and I figure that when I return hours later, the ceiling will be done...WRONG! I come home to a "mess"...seems that when DH started painting the ceiling the "stucco" finish crumbled!! We aren't sure why this happened, and in the end it's probably much better...he is going to take it all off and we will finish it as a flat ceiling. I just was not expecting to find my shower curtain and window curtain in the front hallway, and assorted bathroom items scattered from hallway to livingroom!

Let's say, all things considered...I'm glad the long weekend is over and school goes back tomorrow for the kids and work for DH..I really need to get my house in order again!!

All in all, DD and I had a great time though....and I enjoy these one on one days with my kids, which I try to incorporate into their busy schedules from time to time...there is no bickering and they get the individual attention they require and spend a nice day with mom and visa/versa...

And if you've made it this're an angel! LOL

Have a great evening everyone!

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Katy said...

OH no about the ceiling!!! ACK! you said it is probably better to just get it fixed now and done with...but i bet it was such a shock to see your house a mess when you got home! Glad you enjoyed your time with your DD though!! That sounds so wonderful!!! :)

I hope you have a good Tuesday! I hope we get to see pics of all that cleaning you told me you were doing! ;)