Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The weather for today is 5-10Cm of snow!! A joke, right?? I mean it's spring!!
I do hope this is wrong, we really don't need anymore snow this winter!!

So, yesterday I worked hard in the kitchen. I got the pantry reorganized and also did the fridge and some of the cupboards...looks good. I have some more work to do in there and then back to youngest DD's room for decluttering. I am anxious to get to work on her room. We are eventually going to paint it (two walls pink, two walls blue according to DD) and put laminate flooring in will look very nice.
BUT I have to get her to pack away some of her toys, or get rid of them, whatever the case many be.

Anyway, eventually I will post some photos of my work in progress and the kitchen.

Have a great day everyone, sorry this isn't an interesting post...LOL


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