Friday, March 28, 2008


I haven't been ignoring my blog. I've been busy cleaning and decluttering the kitchen...I'll post photos on the weekend, hopefully.

I've come down with a cold...not a bad one, just mostly sniffle and feeling tired. I decided that since it's snowing out and I was a little under the weather, I'd make some chicken that's going in my crockpot.

No plans for the weekend...probably get some things done around here and catch up on some reading. The weather isn't sounding too good and I don't venture out in the't really have a choice.

Have a good day everyone!!



Katy said...

Can't wait to see the pics of your kitchen Marion!!! :)

Hope your sniffles dont get worse!!!

And please tell your daughter, I am so sorry..i have NO idea where my mom got the dragonfly lights for my daughter's room!!! xoxo

Nancy said...

Marion, care for a cyber friend to share the chicken soup with? I started yesterday with the same thing. I'm NOT happy about it either. Slight headache, right ear feels a bit clogged and tiny running nose and tired. ugh.. lol

Okay...self pity party over. ROFL

Can't wait to see your kitchen! I have to finish painting mine once the cold weather is done.


Lori said...

thanks for stopping by my place, marion. Your children are beautiful!
We used to have a photograph in an oval frame like the one in your previous post when I was growing up...don't know what happened to it.